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A Call to Action: Supporting Innovators and Community Builders in Winnipeg

Do you ever feel like Winnipeg is caught in a cycle of complaining and missed opportunities? We talk about wanting new attractions, unique initiatives, and innovative projects, but when they come knocking at our door, we turn up our noses and seldom lend our support.

Instead, we criticize, gossip, and insert negativity into every conversation, without even bothering to do our research.

The sad truth is that the same people who are quick to cast stones are often the ones who contribute the least to our community. They create nothing, produce nothing, and contribute nothing beyond their complaints and criticisms.

And yet, their words have the power to sabotage new efforts and drive away the very innovators and opportunities we claim to want.

Winnipeg is a unique city with incredible potential, but we're falling behind because we're not supporting the people and projects that could help us thrive.

Take, for example, Shadoe Davis.

Click the image above to go to Shadoe's website

Shadoe is a respected figure with a nationwide presence and reputation for integrity, yet here in Manitoba, he struggles to make a living.

While he receives support and respect from across the country, he faces constant challenges and attacks at home.

Despite the negativity surrounding him, Shadoe remains committed to supporting our city and province.

When approached to help with the Stronger Together Conference, he didn't hesitate to offer his time and expertise, volunteering to moderate multiple panels free of charge.

We were able to raise the very profile of our conference nationwide, by leveraging his 30 years of hard work dedication and professionalism. I personally extend my profound thanks to him for that gesture.

Meanwhile, those who criticize and complain are nowhere to be found when it comes to purchasing tickets or volunteering their time.

It's time for us to break free from this cycle of negativity and start supporting the people and initiatives that can help Winnipeg thrive.

It's disheartening to witness the rampant spread of baseless accusations and criticisms in our community, especially against those of us who are striving to make a positive impact. I, too, have been subjected to unfounded claims and attacks.

Usually I simply ignore these ravings, and more often than not someone from the community comes to my rescue.

But we are in serious times, we need serious dedicated people who are getting real things done, and we need to support these people.

Now this does not mean turning a blind eye to real issues that might arise, but it means not shooting off in public without any clue as to what is going on, why it is so, or actually giving more than a minute thought to the ridiculous critiques.

These attacks are not just attacks on individuals; they are attacks on the integrity of our community and the values we stand for. We cannot let ourselves be derailed by the negativity and falsehoods propagated by keyboard warriors who contribute nothing of substance.

Instead, we must rise above this toxic temperament and demonstrate our unwavering support for one another and for initiatives that promote unity and progress.

As Canadians, we have a responsibility to show the world that we are a community that stands together, supports each other, and embraces real solutions and innovators.

We must reject the divisive tendencies that hold us back and instead focus on building a future where everyone can thrive.

In the words of Shakespeare, these perennial neigh sayers are "Sound and fury, signifying nothing" - let's not allow ourselves to be consumed by empty noise and instead focus on meaningful action and positive change.

Together, let's send a powerful message of unity, resilience, and support to Canadians everywhere. It's time to rise above the noise and show the world what we're truly made of.

Let's put our energy into building up our community rather than tearing it down.

How about this:

How about each of you go out and sign up for Shadoe Davis's website and support his efforts. He has surely supported many efforts in our community over the years, and we should support him.

Love him or hate him, he is doing a great deal to promote and support our community, and I have always found him to be a professional who is very giving of his time and expertise.

You do not have to love the guy in order to know that he adds a great deal to our community and we need to support him OR some other city will.

And you need to know, if he has to leave our city and province (BTW he has never told me this or hinted about it, just to stop the rumour mill right here) he will not be silenced, we will simply loose this tremendous asset and he will lend that expertise to some other community, and his broadcast will continue.

Visit Shadoe's website and purchase a membership, it is only $9.99 per month! Isn't that about what a cup of coffee from Starbucks costs now?? Do you support everything that Starbucks supports or does?? If you do not, then why do you buy their coffee? See how this works?

Whether it's attending events, volunteering our time, or simply offering words of encouragement, every act of support makes a difference.

National Stronger Together Conference

We need you to support our National Conference, on June 21, 22, 23, 2024 in Beausejour. We need you to purchase tickets, to volunteer, and if you cannot do any of these, and even if you can we are asking you to donate to offset the costs.

This is a bold initiative, it is the first of its kind in Canada, and it stated purposes and aims cannot be accomplished over a Zoom call. We need real human interaction to plan and to bring us together for a common cause.

Click the image above to visit MST's Event Website

There are a variety of ticket options available and there is currently early bird pricing for tickets purchased before the end of April.

The ticket price includes all 6 meals during the conference, since there are no establishments available in Beausejour to accommodate all of the delegates.

Do a little research, read the event sites, and think carefully about what we are trying to do. Do not criticize on the basis of what you assume it to be, but read what we have actually written on the site and what we have been speaking about for months now.

Always ask yourself the honest question what did you contribute, or did you simply decide to stay at home. Are you lending a hand or giving a kick in the teeth?

Together, let's show the world what Winnipeg is truly capable of.

Let's be a city that embraces innovation, celebrates its community builders, and welcomes new opportunities with open arms.

Join us in supporting Shadoe Davis and others like him who are working tirelessly to make Winnipeg a better place for us all.

Together, we are stronger.

Ken Drysdale

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