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As many of you know, I was raised in a family of 10 children. We grew up in a small farm house, one bathroom, partial running water, hard work, school, no cable TV or Internet. Lots of chores to do, like millions of Canadians. So, guess what, although I can say I love all of my brothers and sisters dearly❤️, I have to admit that once in a while, especially when we were tired or upset, we might disagree, argue or even fight with each other.


I can tell you, that when I was hard into it, yelling at my brother or my sister, I never lost sight of the fact, that this person, (who I was fighting with) more than any other person in the whole World, shared my common beliefs, stood for MOST of the things I did, and would have my back in whatever situation arose.

Now, do not misunderstand, in the heat of an argument, we would not be yelling "I Love You's" at each other.

BUT those fights, squabbles or disagreements were never aired in public.

We always kept it in the family. As far as our neighbours, or outside friends and acquaintances knew, we were always together united and strong as a family should.




I have noticed with great dismay, that some folks within our Patriot family are engaging in public disagreements.

Many accusations and counter accusations are being levelled by certain persons, factions or groups against other persons, factions or groups.

Some of these disagreements are small and petty, mostly based on misunderstandings, that are soon forgotten. But some of these disagreements are becoming sensational, and are draining energy from the movement, while feeding the MSM in their quest to discredit all of us.

I have found, that often when I disagree with what someone has done, and it appears to me that their actions mean a certain thing, often I am lacking all of the information needed in order to actually understand the situation fully.

How can you judge someone else's actions without knowing what they knew at the time, or if you are not under the same pressures that they were at the time.

I ask each and every one of my Freedom Fighting brothers and sisters and fellow Canadians, is the disagreement you are having in public serving the Freedom Movement?

Does arguing in public, and making sensational accusations fuel our movement or our opposition?

Have you spoken directly with the individual that you believe you are in disagreement with?

When I say spoken to, them, I mean exactly that. I mean you, yourself picking up the phone and hearing the other person's voice on the phone and have a civil and human conversation.

Texts and emails are very easily misunderstood.

Find out what they were thinking, not in an aggressive way, but simply say, hey so and so, this is XXX, thank you for your service to the fight for freedom, I really appreciate it. Then say something like, I heard or I noticed that you seem to be doing xxxxx lately, I was hoping we could take the time to talk about it so that I can understand where you are coming from.

I will bet you that in most instances, your will find out that there are other motivations factors, or maybe the person felt they had no choice...or did not understand the broader implications of their actions ... OR you just might able to help them get back on track.

Now that is a novel thought.


Do you want a concrete example? A small one, but none the less one that I think might illustrate the point.

By the way, what follows is in no way intended to embarrass anyone or poke fun or anything else, it is simply an easy example that I could refer to and illustrate my point!

On this very Blog, I believed that I was publicly attacked by a person in the last week or so.

The person believed that they noticed something odd about the "comments" that they were being posted to each blog item.

They noticed that many of the "comments" appeared to be posted by the same member namely "".

And that is a true fact.

This person appeared to attack me in public and made a statement along the lines that they had to question the legitimacy of the website.

But wait a minute, as I write this, I come to understand that maybe that person did not intend to "attack" me in public. Hmmmm, maybe in their way there were simply just asking a legitimate question, AND it was myself, who mis-interpreted the question as an attack...hmmm very interesting can see what I mean here!

Just to be perfectly clear, below is the reader's comment:

"I have never posted anywhere with so many "Contact Website" users before. And they all sign their comments with a single CAPITAL letter. And I get a boatload of emails for every single comment made. Why don't my comments get a Contact Website moniker?


I may have to reconsider the legitimacy of this website."

Now, instead of emailing or messaging me in private and asking the question, this person decided to make a public statement and make an accusation and cast doubt on the entire operation. Had they called me or emailed me or messaged me, I would have told them the following:

Many people are uncomfortable with signing their names to posts, that is their choice. When someone sends me a comment by email or by Facebook, I copy it and post it here, with only their first initial. That is why it says Contact Website, because I have reposted it. There is no one who has been more transparent about everything than I have. You can always question things, that is a person's right, but now you have your answer.

By the way, the above answer was posted by me as a reply to them, in public


So I ask you a question, in the example above:

Do you think there was a misunderstanding?

Did I misunderstand the intent of the original question, and make the assumption it was an attack?

Could that misunderstanding been dealt with in a more private setting, so that public accusations were not made, before all of the information was at hand?

If a satisfactory answer was not given, could the person then have taken additional action, or asked me to let the public know?

Now I am not going to judge what was in this person's heart, I do not even know if they are satisfied with the answer I gave them BUT my point is, a public debate might have been avoided if this person had simply asked the question first, in private.

Not that this is or was an important debate, BUT what if the MSM had gotten a hold of this? Could they have used it to damage our Movement?


This is a very simple and petty example of conflict and misunderstandings.

I am not trying to trivialize every single disagreement, however, I am asking that folks try to communicate with each other in private and try to work out their differences in private.

I know of many many very good and Patriotic folks out there who "believe" certain things about other folks and are airing these beliefs in public.

In some instances I personally know both parties and also know that they each have the best of intentions and what they are accusing the other of, has no merit.

But what can I do?

What can you do?

What can we do together.


Anytime that two human beings come together there is conflict. That is a fact.

Remember Cain and Abel?

These conflicts detract from our ability to fight the real enemy we are facing.

It is hard to look forward if you are constantly looking over your shoulder.

There will alway be disagreements between people of good intent. We must learn to manage these disagreements and use them to perhaps understand different perspectives, to undertake a conversation and make sure we know the facts and nothing but the facts.

If you cannot work out these disagreements in private, then agree to disagree, and unite on the other 95% of what you do agree on.

Rumour is insidious!

Evil has a way of infecting anyone who is fighting against it.

Let's keep our eye on the prize, a return to the rule of law, Charter Rights, Freedom and reawakening of Canada.

I do not know all of you out there, but I know one thing, that you love your families, you love each other and you love a return to a Free Canada.

Together we can make that happen, together we are strong, and together, we will prevail.

As usual, you can comment directly on this blog or you can email me by pressing the button below:




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One Last One.

I saw this video this morning, thought you might want to see it for yourselves.

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25 ene 2023

Thank you for being peacemakers Ken and Rosalie. “Happy the Peacemakers”

THE very sound of the word “peace” is pleasant to the ear, soothing to the heart and mind. And the same is true whether it is paix in French, paz in Spanish, frieden in German, eiréne in Greek or shalom in Hebrew. When Jesus sent out the seventy evangelizers, he instructed them to say: “May this house have peace.” It is an Oriental custom to greet others by wishing them peace. Even today, when you phone the Israeli embassy in New York city, the first words you hear are not “Good morning!” but “Shalom!” “Peace!”​— Luke 10:5 .

How fitting, therefore, that Jesus, in his happinesses pronounced happy th…

Me gusta
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