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Freedom of speech is not just a concept that allows a person to say whatever they want. You must realize that freedom of speech is fundamental to the process of human thought and consideration. When you control the actual words that someone is allowed to use, when you erase or ban certain words, you functionally prevent people for even considering certain topics and to make decisions based on that thought process and consideration.

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When you censor speech, you not only censor words, but you censor thoughts.

This episode considers the case of a young North Korean woman who escaped the tyranny of the regime, but when interviewed by Dennis Prager, she stated that she did not try to escape from  North Korea to get to freedom.  She had no concept of the word freedom, she only escaped to get food as she was starving. The North Korean regime had "erased" the concept of freedom from her mind!

Censorship of speech is much much more devious a concept than most people understand it to be.

We are now seeing unprecedented amounts of censorship both through the Government and through Giant Multi National Corporations.

Have you ever heard of the term P3 (Public Private Partnerships), I bet you have heard of the term FASCIST.

P3 is a term that has been coined to sanitize what is essentially a fascist association between a government and a private corporation.

Here is a great link to an in-depth explanation of Fascism:

Fascism is defined as an authoritarian government, which in partnership with corporations, controls not only the means of production but the very lives of the people who suffer under this type of regime.

Our western governments are walking hand in hand with multinational corporations to censor and control you. If you are not aware of the Twitter files, then you need to do a little research on this. Government entities and the Management of Twitter actively worked together to censor all kinds of speech and news stories, that they deemed inappropriate. This is TRUE FACT!

The Pandemic response was not only a unprecedented removal of your basic rights as a human being, it was an experiment to see how the public would respond to such a gigantic violation of their rights and freedoms.

They are currently encouraged by their success in stripping your freedoms and manipulating your mind. THEY FORCED YOU INTO A THOUGHT GULAG, and you were just as captured and repressed as if you were in Siberia.

Think real hard about this, you rejected family members, you stopped going to church, you stopped talking about what you knew to be true, you underwent an experimental treatment, you gagged yourself, and you stopped asking questions, you embraced the US and THEM, you became part of an ugly mob. Some even embraced arrests and the concept of concentration camps, ... all the while never questioning the narrative and ostracizing those who did.
You ignored the evidence you knew to be true.

They have used what they learned and are now writing new laws to require your obedience and to allow them to control you in the most fundamental ways.

Want examples?

They have now rewritten the Broadcasting Act, and will soon be censoring your online content. Watch our webcast on this (Episode 4, Series Two: "BILL C11 : SILENCING THE PEOPLE");

They are starting to implement the UN 15 minute cities in Canada. Do you remember voting on this one? This will fundamentally change the way you live, communicate including when and how and how often you can actually leave your zone! Can anyone say "GULAG". We have an upcoming episode on this topic (actually several);

They are implementing a new treaty that allows the UN / WHO to dictate how future "pandemics" will be addressed in this country. In other words, Canadians and Canadian Doctors will no longer have a say in how we will respond, it will be up to the non elected UN. Much of what happened in the 2020-2023 pandemic debacle was in accordance with UN / WHO protocols, but it was implemented by the Government of Canada, that will no longer be the case. Under this treaty the UN/WHO will actually require and implement their policies. Just remember what an incredible debacle that was last time. They will be able to FORCE you.

They are trying to implement a global digital identification and digital currency. This will be coupled with a social credit score. Combined these will remove your ability to more freely, purchase goods, freely or even attend church. They will be able to dictate to you when and if and what what you will be able to purchase. No food for you, or no gas for you, they will know every detail of your life...every detail. Think this could not happen...have you already forgotten how they stopped you from visiting your dying parent during the last three years, when it is now clear there was no scientific basis for this..none..they knew that, but they did it anyway.

There is more much much more...


As usual, you decide, you do your own research, make up your own mind.

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