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NEW Video From OPP in Brantford-Paris Ontario

Here is the latest Video from M and the Folks from Brantford Ontario

A statement from Freedom Fighters Canada:

The officers came from the West Regional Division headquarters in London and they spent well over an hour listening to what we had to say. We delivered your report first and then we delivered the Informed Consent report from Stand United BC. They have assured us they will be looking into how and where to proceed as this will be an investigation like none other. I am on file as the contact point as I am the one who opened an incident file. I also have all of their contact information, but they assured me they would follow up in the near future.

Once again, I want to thank this group for all of their hard work and the success they are having on behalf of all Canadians.

Once again proof the hard work, and calm professional presentation is the way to our success.


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