Send this report by email, mail, or personally drop it off, at the offices of each and every member of parliament, the senate, your police stations, your school board, your doctor, your provincial medical association, anyone you can think of that may be of help or may be helped by this document.  Send it to your bloggers, any alternative media groups, we need to get the word out that we are on to what has happened.

Each of these people, and organizations need to receive the report thousands and thousands of times, otherwise they will think they can ignore it.  

Make them know that you know what happened, and that you want an inquiry and justice.

Here are some helpful websites, that provide contact information you might be looking for:

Members of the House of Commons Canada

Members of the Senate of Canada



NEW June 14, 2022

Ken Drysdale shares a damning report using data straight from Statistics Canada

Ken Drysdale shares a damning report using data straight from Statistics Canada

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Kenneth Drysdale have a conversation about his experience as an engineer and inventor in the arctic, how curiosity drove him to compile a damming report on the government's actions related to the COVID pandemic, and what the public can do to better understand the situation we're now facing post pandemic. Ken R. Drysdale is an executive engineer with over 40 years of experience as a Professional Engineer, which includes 29 years experience in the development and management of national and regional engineering businesses. After having established Accutech as a leader in the development of Arctic projects, in 2015 he successfully negotiated the sale of Accutech Engineering Inc., to a group of investors. Accutech remains the most recognized name in Arctic development in Canada, and annually completes the design for some $50 M dollars of construction in Canada’s Arctic. In this episode Ken & Leighton take a deep dive into the misrepresentation of the early data released by Statistics Canada, how he came to find himself deep in the thick of the cancel culture phenomenon form simply sharing the damning report, and how he hopes the general public will use the report to hold the government accountable in the coming years. To read the report from Kenneth Drysdale you can visit: This episode’s recommended reading: Nineteen Eighty Four - George Orwell The Truth and Beauty - Andrew Klavan Bonhoeffer - Eric Metaxas Make sure to subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications for future episodes as we are aiming to deliver a new conversation each week full of new ideas and ways to explore the world around us. Remember to follow our other social channels for news, updates, and cool offers from our sponsors as we continue to challenge the status quo and bring thoughtful conversations to the hungry minds who are willing to dabble in the Grey Area!
Live with Ken Drysdale
I Interview The Author Of "Investigation Into Crimm-inal Allegations Concerning P*ND*MIC R*SP*NSE

I Interview The Author Of "Investigation Into Crimm-inal Allegations Concerning P*ND*MIC R*SP*NSE

Liberty Talk Canada Episode- I interview Ken Drysdale. An absolute bombshell report using the Canadian government's OWN statistics and hospital facts researched and written by Ken Drysdale is currently being sent to RCMP and government officials regarding smoking gun ev*dence of fraw-ddd by the Canadian Government and The Hell(th)Authority. The statistical evidence of criminal activity is overwhelming. Ken provides every Canadian (YOU) the report to send in to the police, the senate, liberal government, conservative governement, judges, MP's, MLA's, university faculty, high schools, principals, parents etc... Link to Ken's FULL report to send in or print off: NEW SOLAR GENERATORS/PANELS *Help support my show and yourself by purchasing a solar generator & panels here: (stay on store link, don't press Amazon option.) *Attention PREPPERS! I am now an affiliate for the amazing Tower Gardens so if you want to purchase a tower garden: as well as WHOLE fruit and vegetable supplements (Non GMO) with a 2 year shelf life at This show is 100% supporter funded. I can't do it without you. If you find value in my show please consider donating to: or e -transfer to or by cheque made out to "Van Corp Ent" at #305-1979 Old Okanagen Highway, BC V4T 3A4 *Support my show while helping your body immensely with collagen by taking a look at *Checkout AC50 hydrogen device at and use the promo code "liberty" Don't lose track of my shows go to my website and subscribe to my email list and my new telegram channel OR OR on FB Odessa Orlewicz OR my 3rd attempt on Youtube at: OR bitchute: OR new rumble: OR on Not.TV *Librti is Canada’s social media platform, where you can connect with people that value the free flow of information, critical thinking, and individual liberty. By being a member, you will have access to trending news, videos, and relevant information in one spot. Join the discussions, share your thoughts, discover local events, and stay connected and up to date with your favorite content creators, independent media, and organizations that call Librti home.