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A Christmas Gift For You!

We are taking a little break from the Battle, but we are still thinking about each of you!

Here is a little Christmas Present from our home to yours: A Free Download:

"Where Are You Christmas"

Feel Free to Share this, if it Touches Your Heart! One of the most beautiful voices of our time, performs one of the most touching Christmas songs of the last decade. Iconic, heart felt, soft, sweet, with incredible cinematic orchestration, you will want to listen to Rosalie Drysdale singing "Where Are You Christmas".

You can download this one for free, share with your family and friends or just simply enjoy it over the holiday.🎄No signup no subscription just the Beauty of Music for Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Ken & Rosalie Drysdale❤️💋

We hope you love this song as much as we do!


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