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Amnesty Forgiveness Justice

I have been carefully thinking about the recent trending discussion concerning Amnesty for those who perpetrated, supported, empowered and inflicted the pandemic genocide on the people of the Earth. Every single person on our planet was affected by these criminal actions. This genocide is on such a scale that it is unprecedented in all of human history. We still do not completely understand the full scope of this incredible crime and the repercussions of it will be with us for generations.

In all of the discussions I have seen, none of them consider more than "an eye for an eye" philosophy, and I have myself been heavily influenced in my considerations by my profound anger and resentment at those who are responsible (on all levels).



Amnesty is the granting of a pardon to someone who has been convicted of a crime. A pardon is the legal action of forgiving a crime, some people call it clemency, mercy, lenience.

Why would anyone want to grant an amnesty to a criminal?

There are many compelling reasons to do this. First, the amnesty may consider certain factors which may have compelled the criminal to act in a way they may never have otherwise acted. An example might be stealing a loaf of bread to feed your hungry children.

The law that was broken might be an unjust law, and the consequences of enforcing that law may in and of itself be unjust.

There may have been unusual circumstances based on age, undue influence or something of the like that compelled the criminal to act in this one occasion, and they are not likely to ever act this way again.

So, have the criminals in this genocide been charged with their crimes?

Have their crimes been investigated? Hey..Ms. Lucki perhaps as our Commissioner of the National Police Force, you might want to stop playing politics and start protecting Canadians! My heart aches for all of the hard working decent members of the RCMP whose reputations are being besmirched by the political appointees that now head their organization. Many citizens are now looking upon these heroes with distain and suspicion, even after a life spent in honourable service.

Have the criminals been convicted of their crimes?

How can we grant amnesty without going through the due process of investigation, charges, trial and conviction. Only then can the circumstances of the crime be understood and the granting of amnesty, or leniency even be considered.

There may be people who were acting without malice, and that needs to be considered. However, it is complicated. Since people in power have special responsibilities to take into account the consequences of their actions, to a very high level, this is sometimes called fiduciary responsibility.

Fiduciary responsibility is a higher form of responsibility that is required of a person who is in a position of authority over someone else. For instance, if you take your own pay check and go to the casino and gamble it away you might be stupid but it was, after all, your money. If you are managing you aged grandmother's money you have to exercise a higher level of control and care in distributing that money, since you are in a position of trust.



I believe in the power of forgiveness to heal the soul, and restore a person's path forward in this short life. Forgiveness is not just for the benefit of the criminal, but it can be lifesaving and freeing for the victims.

Forgiveness should not be dolled out like ketchup on a cheeseburger. It can only be given once a sane and sober consideration of the crimes and the consequences of those crimes are well understood, and some form of honest repentance and recompense from the criminal is achieved.

Without this, the forgiveness is simply a hollow mouthing of words, and the terrible ghosts of the crimes and harms will continue to haunt us. The criminals will simply move on to the next series of crimes, and the cycle will magnify and increase to the next unimagined level of horror.

Ask yourself these questions, have our leaders paused, have they considered what they have done to you, and your family and families around the World?

Actions speak louder than words.

Where are they leading you now?

What are they doing now?

Open your eyes and look around at the World, where is it headed?

Be courageous, do a little research, think for yourself......what has happened, and is happening around us?

Then ask yourself, is it now time to forgive?



I believe in Justice.

What is Justice.

Is it simply the administration of laws?

Or is it something higher than that.

Are laws always just?

Justice is the actual consideration of, and implementation of a fair and impartial set of rules which govern, with compassion. Without Justice, the smooth and predictable operation of a society is impossible. Without Justice we would surely fall into chaos.

We have in place a system of laws, and in order to "ensure" that the laws are implemented in a "just" manner, we set up a system of courts overseen by what were to be impartial, experienced and considered judges.

The judges purpose was to interpret the laws, consider the arguments and assure a "just" decision.

That is how the system was meant to operate. Laws are only words on paper. It was up to a real human being, one of our wisest and most experienced people to interpret these laws and render justice.

Even this has been corrupted.

We now have mandatory sentencing, which does not allow a judge to make a ruling based on justice, only on the rules set out in a law, with no human consideration, or intervention.

We no longer appoint our best and brightest to positions of power, we appoint people based on political and quota considerations.

This has infected all aspects of our society, and we are reaping the results now.

Can any of us think of any laws that were not just? These laws were often implemented by people who had some other agenda than justice on their minds.

Are mandates laws? Are they Just?

Are we as Canadians in a "representative democracy" governed by laws enacted by our elected representatives for our benefit, and for the benefit of our society, or by bureaucratic edicts, by unelected faceless government employees.

Does the current lack of parliamentary representation, discussion and debate invalidate the law making process.

What is the highest law of the land. The Charter? Mandates? Edicts?

What are the penalties for the power mad who breach the laws of the nation and the World?

Can Justice be obtained without investigation, litigation and judgement?



As I write these words, I am confronted by the looming and sadly fading commemoration of the November 11 Day of Remembrance.

I grew up in a small rural town, and my parents were of the World War II generation. My Grandfather and his father were of the World War I generation, and so the recollections of those dark and evil times are in my mind always.

I remember when the world would stop and we would carefully consider and remember what had happened not so long ago.

In my small town, the veterans of two World Wars would come to the school, with their awful scars, the ones seen and unseen, we would all pray for never again.

I remember those awful Iron lung machines, and the terror they would raise in my child's heart and soul.

I grew up knowing and understanding the words "Lest We Forget", and I am frightened for all of us, when I consider where the pandemic maniacs are now leading us.

We have, as a society, truly forgotten, ......... and now we see the results.

When the World Wars were done, the world stopped, we buried our dead, we clung to our families, our churches, we rebuilt what was destroyed in a monumental effort that was world wide.

After WW II, The World and the maniacs paused!

We brought many to justice to pay for their crimes.......or did we.

Did we bring justice to some, scapegoat others, and quietly cover up for many of the guilty?

What is the result now?

What has happened now?



Following the exposure of the greatest lie ever told, has the World paused to rebuild?

Have investigations been carried out? Have the guilty faced justice? Have the victims been comforted, have they received justice?

Has the World Paused, after millions and millions have died?

Will millions and millions more continue to die in the aftermath of this insanity?

Do you know?

Does anyone know?

Has the World Paused?

  • We have a self inflicted energy crisis, millions may freeze this 2022,

  • We have food and materials shortages, and they are imposing restrictions on food production,

  • Trials are going on for freedom fighters, even after the evidence for their defence is known,

  • Secret labs, which experiment with viruses are being exposed,

  • We have nuclear war looming that would result in the murder billions worldwide,

  • We are in a self inflicted recession,

  • We are in a crisis of terror and despair, that has lead to unprecedented deaths,

  • We kill 1 in 5 babies in North America before they take their first breath of air,

  • We now have over 10,000 people in Canada alone that have been euthanized,

  • Free speech is being censored widely,

  • Monopolistic corporations are cancelling people,

  • You are being tracked and monitored every minute of everyday,

  • Your children are being indoctrinated,

  • They have and are attacking every fundamental aspect of what being a human being is.

They have not stopped, they do not fear justice, they do not love or respect you, your family or your way of life.



Before we consider that, let us keep in mind that we are not just beings of reason and logic. What I have spoken about so far is reason and logic. Now you must pause and consider what your heart tells you. I can best express that by showing you the following video, please click on the thumbnail below to watch on Youtube.

Now that you have both your intellectual and emotional halves engaged, let us talk about Amnesty.

The very definition of Amnesty says it is a pardon from a conviction of a crime.

First there must be a just and impartial investigation, a trial, and a conviction. Only then can there be a consideration of the key and important factors in each and every case. Only by the interdiction of our best, wisest and finest judges can we consider the crimes, and the circumstances and then provide JUSTICE.

There can be no granting of preemptive and universal amnesty without due process. That is not Justice!

We have to, by definition, go through the investigation, trial, and sentencing stages.

We are human beings, and our justice must be rooted in and expressed by the reality of our human nature.

We must deliver Justice, with due consideration of the past, the present, and our future.

Once true justice is done, we will be in a position to forgive, and the World can move forward to heal. But forgiveness cannot be imparted on non repentant criminals, without even the definition, exposure and consideration of the totality of their crimes.

Forgiveness without repentance, is just a "get out of jail free card" and the criminal will move on to higher and more horrible crimes with impunity.

It comes down to Justice. We, the World, must have justice. The worldwide crimes must be totally exposed and revealed to the World, and investigations and trial must be completed.

We must carefully consider what Justice means. The time is now, for us to forever define for generations to come our depth of compassion, and commitment to our beliefs in Justice, and the protection of our ideals, and founding principals.

It is in by our actions, at this moment in time, that generations to come will Judge us!

As I write these words, our world races headlong into an unimaginable future of possible nuclear war and universal enslavement, lead by the same insane maniacs who inflicted the pandemic genocide on an unsuspecting World.

It is time to Pause.

It is time to bury our Dead.

It is time to rebuild what was broken (family, society, democracy, fundamental human rights.

It is time to investigate.

The time must come to bring Justice.

Only then, will it be time to consider Amnesty to the individuals who deserve it, based on their individual circumstances.

Only in this way can we save what is left of our faltering world, and help to restore us on a higher path, to a future we are proud to pass on to our children and grandchildren.

This will not be an easy task. Given what we are now seeing, the new crimes that are being perpetrated on us, from the same criminals, ....... we know it is imperative.

We must act for justice now, not vengeance. We must act not out of terror or fear, but with our eyes wide open, with compassion, led by our ideals and a clear understanding of what has past, and what we must strive for in the years ahead.

According to tradition, the sufferings of human beings resulted from the first original sin. In my mind, the original sin was not actually the eating of the proverbial apple. Because forgiveness of even that sin was possible, the true and everlasting crime was the turning away from the truth of that crime and not seeking repentance and forgiveness once the crime was discovered.

It was not too late for humanity once the apple was taken. It became too late when the crime was not admitted to, blame was not accepted, and repentance and forgiveness was never sought.

It is not too late. We cannot simply turn away from the crime. We must seek the truth, we must deliver justice, and then we can move on to a better future.

Let us not now commit a new "original sin".


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Ken Drysdale
Ken Drysdale
Nov 08, 2022

As the COVID lies are now being exposed at exponential speed, some of those proven wrong are getting nervous — so nervous, in fact, they’re now pleading for amnesty and to just let bygones be bygones.

While some now argue ignorance as their defense, there was no lack of data proving their positions were wrong, dangerous, destructive and deadly, right from the start.

Health and government officials weren’t just wrong once and then changed course. No, they’ve doubled, tripled and quadrupled down on errors, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that they’re wrong. Granting amnesty to individuals who have been wrong from Day 1, without a single apology, is an untenable proposition. The price society has paid for their…


Corpus Koine
Corpus Koine
Nov 08, 2022

Zero Compassion for those who forced the jab, shamed, supported the v passport and wanted the un jabbed dead. Nothing will change my mind. Nothing. Do not even try to approach me with the thought of forgiveness to those who participated in the segregation en mass, and as they continue to do so.

For those of you that had been forced with the threat of losing everything. Stand up now and make it known that had been the reason to take the jab. Those of you that stand up and make it known and tell the truth of what your employers made you do I have empathy. The employers must be held accountable and be made public.


Ken Drysdale
Ken Drysdale
Nov 07, 2022

I don't know who is circulating this info but no way, People died and were disabled, they knew at least when the Pfizer documents were released and they withheld this from the public. This is not good faith, it is murder, manslaughter, crimes against humanity. They deserve life for a life. Life in prison no parole no matter how much they repent . A strong example must be given to all public servants that they are there to serve us and if they break public trust they will serve time to fit the crime.


Nov 19, 2022
Replying to

I say that all those responsible be given the death penalty...and make big spectacle out of it teach a lesson against demons in the flesh who lust for world domination.


Nov 06, 2022

In the movie Cleopatra (Elizabeth Taylor), one of the Queen's servants begged for forgiveness for poisoning the queen's drink. Cleopatra said, "I forgive you. Now drink it."



Ken Drysdale
Ken Drysdale
Nov 06, 2022

I am totally disgusted but not surprised that, the “Amnesty” angle is being perpetuated.

The same pure evil that created the mind control of the people with fear is again using human natures instinct to twist the reality for their own good.

Amnesty can not even be given without the responsibilities being acknowledged by our government. Our leader Mr T will never do that. He’s evil to the core.

Healing of our country & the world will not be achieved by sweeping the evil under the rug with this “amnesty” crap.

In fact this attempt to ignore the genocide they are perpetuating will only cause more division. Those of us who did escape the mind control can never forget th…

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