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Updated: Jul 25, 2023

As founding members of CATCS, Chris Riddell and I have had conversations with CATCS National addressing the immediate needs of building a strong, cohesive Manitoba network of voters, as quickly as possible, due to the upcoming Manitoba Provincial Election this year.

This effort requires a new branding and identity to clearly identify our Manitoba-focused mission. You will be advised shortly about the new name and website. We will tailor our efforts to the specific needs and challenges faced by our province, enabling us to make a more significant impact on the issues that matter most to Manitobans.

We are committed to ensuring a seamless operation during this transition period and we will continue to collaborate with the National CATCS team on common goals and issues of national importance.

By focusing on building a strong foundation/growth in Manitoba at this time, we will have a stronger presence to work with other provincial organizations towards a brighter future for all Canadians!

We will be making significant changes to the website, as we build toward the Election.

We reassure our existing members across Canada, that once the strong systems are in place in Manitoba, we will be spreading out to every province and territory in Canada.

Ken Drysdale

More To come!


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