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August 2, 2022 Rebel News Part Two

In a previous interview, Ken Drysdale and I discussed his 89-page report titled “Investigation into Criminal Allegations Concerning COVID-19 Response”.

His findings regarding the statistics for pregnant women were so alarming that they deserved their own report.

The effects that this injection is having on women’s reproductive health is a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore, as evidenced by one particular study that found it disrupted the cycle of 42% of those with regular menstrual cycles.

I’ve discussed this twice (1, 2) with biochemist, microbiologist and immunologist Dr. Jessica Rose, and in other written pieces showing the evolution of science around the COVID injectables. Most recently, Dr. Shoemaker made an alarming discovery that out of 29 documented pregnancy outcomes from Pfizer’s own data, 28 pregnancies resulted in fetal death. Immunologist and virologist Dr. Byram Bridle published a paper that confirms this astounding 97% baby death rate.

“I’m old enough to remember the Thalidomide crisis and what that did to people and what we should have learned from it,” recounts Drysdale as he reads the Comirnaty monograph.

“Fertility: it is unknown whether Comirnaty has an impact on fertility. Pregnant Women: The safety and efficacy of COMIRNATY in pregnant women have not yet been established. It is unknown whether COMIRNATY is excreted in human milk. A risk to the newborns/infants cannot be excluded.”

Continuing from there, Drysdale highlights that “they didn’t look at toxicity, the carcinogenicity. In other words, can it cause cancer? Carcinogenetic potential was not assessed. This is what Pfizer said. Then if you look at what the Province of Manitoba was telling everyone. They were saying it was safe.”

Drysdale then refers to the odds of a pregnant woman contracting COVID and subsequently dying. “In 2020, [as per Statistics Canada] 2,800 women died for whatever reason in that [20-39] age group. Your chance of dying, just because, was about ~1 in 1,800. Statistics Canada also reported that 20 women in that age group contracted and died of COVID.

That means your chance of contracting and dying with COVID was ~1 in 250,000,” he said.

To put this into perspective, Drysdale notes that “there were 341 suicides compared to 20 COVID deaths. Can you imagine how many lives we could have saved if we had spent those billions and billions of dollars on suicide prevention rather than COVID prevention – which was questionable anyway?”

“When the risk of you dying from [COVID] is one in a quarter of a million and you have no idea whether or not [the 'solution'] affects the baby, whether or not it’s carcinogenic, whether or not you’re going to breastfeed it into your baby, what effects it has on your fertility – who in the world would take that?

So the question now becomes how did the gynecologists and pediatric doctors recommend this when they had this information long before I did?"

All in all, it appears that the cure is worse than the disease. Especially when the cure doesn’t prevent transmission or infection, and has questionable effects or severe outcomes.

A risk versus benefit calculation is a crucial component of making an informed medical choice, yet Canadians have quite possibly been robbed of that fundamental component of medical ethics throughout the rollout of these injections on the entire population.

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