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Blowing the Whistle on the Organized Betrayal of Natural Health in Canada

In the pages that follow, we embark on a compelling journey through the riveting narrative of "Betrayed" by Susan Standfield. This powerful book unveils a story of trust shattered, loyalties tested, and a relentless pursuit of truth in the face of deception. As the author's words weave together a tale of intrigue and courage, we find ourselves drawn into a world where nothing is as it seems, and where the relentless quest for justice becomes a beacon of hope. Prepare to be captivated, for "Betrayed" will leave you eagerly awaiting each instalment, a testament to the enduring spirit of those who refuse to be silenced in the face of betrayal.


By: Susan Standfield

INSTAGRAM IS @healthandjustice


I wrote BETRAYED for two reasons.

Firstly, to protect the lives of Canadian families like yours because my Standfield family

emigrated to Canada in the 184o’s to escape economic injustice in Britain and I care deeply

about my country.

The other reason I wrote BETRAYED is to sound an alarm that our natural health is under

attack by a highly organized, well-financed and sinister group of people who will stop at nothing

to profit off the decline in our overall well-being. Twenty-four months after the beginning of The

Great Corona Heist, we are now watching these same individuals orchestrate war in Europe

and possibly China next as the Global South rejects The Great Reset.

A sick body is a profitable body and there are people out there that want Canadians to lose

their health because it generates higher shareholder returns. From hospital fundraisers to flu

shots for Grandma, Canadians are getting sicker every year because it creates wealth. Some

people call this the ‘sick care’ industry. I call it SICK IS THE NEW BLACK and it's the focus of

my work as a human rights advocate.

Shocking right? Criminal without question. Terrifying, enraging and utterly heart breaking if you

are a mother like me of two young Canadian children. For eleven years I have dedicated my

life to building my children’s natural health and joy. And for twenty years before that, I have

cared for my own wellbeing to prepare for being a mother.

My family is targeted from the moment we wake up to the moment our heads hit the pillow and

even during the darkness when we are asleep. It’s an evil machine that generates messaging,

policies and propaganda threatening and forcing us into compliance.

Letters in the mail. Emails from schools. Warnings, harassment and lies. Only this week I

received a letter with my child’s name on it suggested they were ‘eligible’ for one of the new

Covid vaccines that carried the risk of heart disease. It explained ‘child myocarditis’ right in the

letter that cost money to write, print and be mailed to my home. This is crime.

I refuse to stay silent which has led to me being harmed, bullied, and ostracized. I will never

comply with this insanity, and I will never stop exposing this organized betrayal against our

natural health. The powers behind these efforts can do whatever they want to me but like every

mother, I will stand in my truth, push back, and protect my kids from this harm. How could I not

with any moral conscience?

Put a mask over my kids’ faces? Ludicrous. Stand on a circle in a grocery store like a prisoner

waiting to be fed? Over my dead body. I will never accept or promote this nonsense because

that’s what it is. It’s fraud and orchestrated virtue signalling targeting us until we give in and

comply because we’re just too tired to fight anymore. Until we simply break down and ‘follow

the rules’ because it’s easier.

The growing trend of normalized medical tyranny is so big and complicated its going to take all 39 million of us in Canada using our collective brain power and stamina to reverse it and take

back our natural immunity. It's going to require the biggest effort Canada has ever mustered if we are going to not only survive whats being forced upon us but thrive again in the face of it to live long healthy lives with our loved ones. If you are reading this book, I hope you’re up to this

task because we need you and we need you now.

Thanks to media fraud, the future doesn’t look bright for Canadians. Most days I feel like a

dinosaur walking around this new shiny sharp-edged QR code world. The best chance at a long

happy life derives from healthy food, exercising, sleeping well, pursuing meaningful endeavours,

and having strong healthy relationships. None of these basics were mentioned once during BC’s

illegal lockdowns, in fact the opposite was put into place to acquiesce the masses. And now two

years into what we were told to believe was going to be a ‘new normal’ our law makers at every

level are still not talking about basic health principles. In Quebec, they reinstated masks for ‘the

six wave’ and new variant BA.2.

On March 18 the New York Times published these statements…

“The BA.2 variant is vulnerable to antibodies made by the immune system after an earlier

Omicron infection. One reason that BA.1 cases surged to record highs is that it evades

immunity from previous infections with earlier variants. That’s because antibodies produced

during those infections don’t stick very well to the subvariant. But people who get infected with

BA.1 develop antibodies that can prevent BA.1 infections for at least several months.”

This is public health run amok. Stealth variants, subvariants and earlier variants. Our bodies are

being used to conduct studies and gather data and none of this is making any of us any

healthier. I do think most of the world has finally caught on but by God this is exhausting to be

bombarded by this coercion day after day after day for over seven hundred days straight.

After promoting natural health and fitness for five years when I moved home from Africa in 2016,

people began staring at me with mean spirited eyes like I was a terrorist. It got so bad in the fall

of 2020 I literally stopped making eye contact with people in Vancouver.

When I went out in public it was painful to be treated with such contempt. If you’re reading this,

you know exactly what I mean. Our country was forcibly locked into a state of paranoia,

segregation, and fear by elected public servants. They did this to us. They chose to harm us.

I started telling my children people like us were ‘the normals’ and to be careful dealing with ‘the

maskers’. My British husband and fiercest supporter throughout this nightmare humoured me by

reminding me we now lived in ‘The Walking Dead’. Looking at my country with great sadness, I

realized he was bang on. My fellow citizens had become zombies because the government was

controlling them using their TVs and an astronomical amount of foreign money.

Why did this happen to Canada? Why had this been able to happen to Canadians? And why did

so few people stand in solidarity with people like me who dared to speak out? Those are the

main questions we need to find answers to over the coming decade. Answers that can serve as

a new foundation of health, truth, and justice for all Canadians so this can never be done to us

again. Ever.

In a nutshell, our top public servants colluded with foreign shareholders telling Canadians to be

afraid of an invisible threat and by doing so, seized control of every aspect of our lives.

Canadians handed their freedoms to government employees on a silver platter with almost no

resistance. To be honest, my heart broke almost every single day watching Canadians do this to

themselves and to my family who then suffered because of mass compliance.

Our government employees did this with doctors who were threatened with gag orders. They

bribed the media with foreign money that opposition Members of Parliament are finally

exposing. And they targeted everyone like me who dared speak out. They tried to silence us but

because justice has a propensity to percolate up through the muck, our voices were heard. I

was heard. You were heard. And slowly over the past two years we have exposed this fraud

and we should all be incredibly proud of our effort.

My first threat was financial, anonymous, and arrived on my phone. It was two weeks after I

started the NO MORE LOCKDOWNS lawful protest march movement on Easter Sunday April

12 2020, at Vancouver City Hall. I was walking up Davie Street at the back of the march line

when I saw it in my social media. These threats continue to this day, and I believe the individual

or individuals threatening me may be being paid with public finances.

Who else would be motivated for two straight years to threaten a mother like me who wants to

protect children? Who would benefit from me being scared off? Who would waste so much of

their own time to target and harass a stranger?

After twenty years of human rights advocacy under my belt, I was well equipped to know The

Heist was about one thing and that was money. I also knew that most Canadians without the

experience I had, were sitting ducks and that their compliance was going to make my life a


My journey into health justice had begun thirty-four years earlier. In 1986 I watched my beautiful

funny mother die when she was 54 and I was 18. I watched her mother die nineteen years later

when she was 105 and I was 37. Abandoned by my matriarch at age 37 I wondered, what about

me? What fate would my health take?

Both of their death ages were so extreme I was completely baffled by that spread of 51 years.

My grandmother Ruby was born in 1900 and had emigrated to Canada in 1923 for ‘a better life yet had lived twice the years as her Canadian-born daughter. What sense did that make? How

had that happened? I often wondered if I too would fall victim to an early death in Canada.

No doubt about it, the odds are in my favour thanks to my fierce Scottish grandmother who

taught me the most valuable things in life are strong health and true happiness. If she managed

to live past one hundred, then I have a pretty good chance of doing the same if I also take good

care of my body and mind every single day. That is how I live my life now having these two

women as my role models raising young British/Canadian children. I plan to live strong until I’m

at least ninety when my kids will be in their forties and hopefully be able to weather future

storms without me. I owe this to them and because my job is to protect them, I chose to speak

out against covid fraud.

My decision to focus on health justice started in 2018 after twelve years living in Africa and other

parts of the world. It was back home in Vancouver where my eyes opened to the deep injustice

of the organized betrayal of health in Canada. I knew things weren’t great and that most people

were ingesting far too many chemicals, but I had no idea about the organized nightmare about

to befall us.

I was living at the edge of the University of British Columbia forest in a heritage home owned by

an old family friend who also lived until the age of 100. Her and her husband had known my

aunt and uncle. One evening while my kids and husband were fast asleep, I was researching

the impact of antibiotics on factory farmed beef in California to prepare for an interview I had

scheduled with a vegan advocate in Oakland. She was a lovely young woman from Vancouver

who was one of the many leaders that inspired me to speak out against injustice in my own

unique and authentic way. A woman I had much respect for.

Staring into the bright screen of my laptop I realized why my mother had died 32 years earlier.

She had died of cancer; like I had always been told, she had been slowly killed by the

complicity of Quebec tobacco shareholders, a fraudulent media, bought doctors and corrupt

public servants.

In that moment I finally understood my mother didn't simply die from smoking, she was killed by greed. She died because very few people understood how dangerous smoking was, information tobacco shareholders kept hidden for decades.

I was staring at an eight-hundred and fifty-dollar plastic 500mL bottle of; fetal bovine serum; or baby cow blood. In a package the size of a large Coke bottle, the serum is used to prepare viral

ingredients for injected pharmaceuticals and seeing that exorbitant price immediately connected

the missing dots in my life for the previous thrity-four years. I was staring at a global consortium

of deadly chemical profit, and it shook me deeply.

I realized the enormous chemical profits generated off my mother's body were the exact same profits entering the brains of small children vis-a-vis agrichemicals, antibiotics, and genetically

modified feed crops.

Looking at the defence contractor’s logo on the ‘shop’ button, I calculated millions of bottles in

over a hundred countries producing injections for hundreds of millions of people that might be

as unsafe as cigarettes. I also calculated I was probably one of very few people who understood

that link because I was likely the only person in the world staring at bottles of fetal bovine serum

at two clock in the morning.

If people didn't know what was in fetal bovine serum, they wouldn't know what was in the injected pharmaceuticals and if they didn't know that they would have zero chance of knowing these products might harm their children and that's exactly why my mother died in 1986. Very few people understand the risks of pharmaceuticals to our health. If we did, the cash flow would drastically reduce just like it had because of Big Tobacco lawsuits.

In 1998 four companies collectively coughed up $206 billion dollars to cover the medical costs

of plaintiffs twelve years after my mother died when the term Big Tobacco wasn’t even used.

Given out over twenty-five years in forty-six states, it was one of the biggest class action pay-

outs in history. More importantly, it successfully shifted public opinion away from the societal

acceptance of smoking which was why the shareholders fought it.

They fought for the right to harm others. They fought for the right to keep profiting off death and

that is the most shameful story of all, those who knowingly harm others for money. This is war.

This is chemicals. This is industrial pollution. And this is now Big Pharma, the new Big Tobacco.

I looked out into the dark night overlooking Spanish Banks where I lived and realized I had to

warn people. I believed I was morally obliged to share what I had just learned because I could

save lives, children’s lives at that. How could I not? How could I stay silent as a victim myself, of

these crimes? My kids and I met so many unhealthy kids all the time it all finally made sense.

The EpiPens, the wheelchairs and all the extra teachers were all connected.

In 1986 I was far too young and naive to help my mother fight for her life, but things were

different now. I had the wisdom of living all over the world. I had a supportive family. And most

of all with fifteen years of American TV and advertising experience under my belt, I knew how to

get people’s attention and change their opinion. I also knew very few people had these skills let

alone the desire to help others. I had to speak out because that’s how I was raised. I was raised

to be a person of integrity and I am very grateful for that. It has protected mine and others’ lives

many times.

So thats how my journey into health justice began in the middle of a dark night by the beach,

alone while my husband and kids slept, staring at the website of one of the biggest multinational

and military contractors in the world.

There was no way I was going to be able to do much on my own. The issue was far too big and

complicated for an exhausted mother of two young kids, but it wasn't too big for every mother, and it wasn't too complicated for millions of us if we worked together. I was basically doing that everyday anyway, albeit with less urgency. That was already my life. I had the habits I just

needed to add intensity.

Big Tobacco shareholders eventually lost. Big Oil is being forced to be cleaner every day. Big

Agrichemical Monsanto Bayer lost. Why not Big Pharma? Wasn’t it just a matter of time? Why

couldn't we have the same success if we tried, and we didn’t give up? Justice finally came for

my mother, and I knew it could come for a new generation of Canadians being harmed by

corrupt Governments profiting off chemicals. What I wanted to do was possible, I believed that.

Not easy, but possible.

One of my heroes based in Northern India calls these shareholders' The Poison Cartel and travels the world exposing their crimes. My big fat rich country, Canada, has fallen victim to the

enormity of these profits that wash all through our society slowly but surely downgrading our

collective natural health in the process as we raise money to build bigger hospitals and

brainwash ourselves to believe being sick is now a normal part of daily life.

Sick is the new black in Canada and your family, like my family, is the cash cow needed to

enrich these shareholders. Our bodies as they lose natural health and decline into a state of

sickness, have become trafficking vehicles to launder billions of public dollars into the hands of

private corporations who position themselves as ‘healthcare’ providers. One of these

government agencies is the Public Health Agency of Canada. They set up VISP; the covid

vaccine injury pay-out fund that includes death as a side effect on their website. Google it.

In the silence of that dark night, I knew the most important thing I needed to do if I was going to

save lives was to design a bold eye-catching strategy that could spread like wildfire across

Canada. I didn't have much myself, not much power, not much money and even less time. I did

have something extremely powerful and that was my TV background, my design skills and

ability to tell stories people loved.

I decided that day to use my life to educate others about the dangers of ingested, injected, and

sprayed chemicals that are everywhere in our daily lives now. I decided to go after the most

powerful criminals in the world and I was going to do it for my mother.

I called my strategy HEALTH JUSTICE and the shirt I am wearing in the photo at the top of

this chapter shows the very first t-shirt slogan I designed in 2019, CIVILIZED DISOBEDIENCE.

The idea was to make an act typically seen in social circles like mine as distasteful, into one of

aspiration and chicness. My ‘client brief’ as we say in the world of advertising was to position

whistleblowing as seriously cool so every mother in Canada would want to adopt it as a lifestyle.

Cool to expose organized crime. Cool to speak out. And cool to become known as a person of

integrity who like David, has the guts to take on Goliath. If I was the ad agency, my client was

39 million Canadians.

The bigger part of my idea was to use myself as the story. My face, my body, my name. I chose

to become the poster child of speaking truth to power in Canada and I knew it was risky. I also

knew if anyone could pull off it was me. Outspoken enough to attract attention, credible enough

to be remembered. All I needed was to be seen and heard enough to make Canadians think

twice about what they were being told. That would be my job, provoke intellectual discussion so

Canadians would educate themselves.

I realized the biggest challenge to pulling this off was that no one was going to pay me for what

became a high-risk full-time job. How on earth could I remedy that? And was it even smart to

sign up to a volunteer position where I was guaranteed to suffer, have my heart broken and be

perceived as a lunatic?

Of course, it wasn’t the smart choice, but it was the morally responsible choice and that’s how

people like me live. We have moral courage and are driven by kindness because we know that’s

what makes life worth living. Every justice advocate will tell you the exact same thing when

asked why we do the work we do, “I couldn’t NOT do it”. It’s who we are as human beings. You

may not want to expose yourself to the attacks that come with my job, but I know if you are

reading this book, you understand this principle. Staying silent in the face of injustice is not the

right choice it just feels like the safer choice which is limiting belief.

A childhood friend whose parents grew up with my father in Vancouver made my first t-shirt

samples in her Dunbar basement studio. She told me it was a great slogan and would sell so I

listened to her and started my t-shirt business that has now expanded into its second country

because I am onto something. I am looking for my first studio shop to cut and sew my own

textile patterns, create a few jobs in the low-income neighbourhood where I live and engage

British women in my mission to make whistleblowing sexy.

People all the world and particularly women and mothers, are done with medical fraud and

tyranny and we’re done being sold sickness designed to harm our children. Living in England

was a fantastic stroke of luck because nobody trusts the media here and hating the government

is a national pastime. I live in ‘The North’ where women and moms are to be feared in their

willingness to protect their offspring. Mess with a mom on my street and you’ll get a knife in your


So how did I get so far and why can my book help you do the same? What was my secret and

why is it completely possible for you to create the same impact?

I wrote BETRAYED to share that story with the same compassion and courage that drove me to

start the covid fraud protest march movement. If I can take on Goliath, so can you. I promise.

One day at a time I started speaking out, doing my own thorough research, selling t-shirts, and

talking to anyone who would listen to me. The more I did all these things the more people told

me what I was doing was important, so I simply kept going. That's how my journey began with

one t-shirt, two words and another mother who encouraged me to believe in my dream which is

all we ever need to create a better world.

What I chose to do is what you can choose to do too.

My story is your story and together we can stop these criminals who profit off the organized

betrayal of natural health in Canada. Fight like a mother and you will discover as I did, that

millions and millions of other mothers will fight alongside with you. You will transform as a

person and will one day wonder what on earth took you so long to start.


Stay Tuned for Part Two

Susan Standfield INSTAGRAM IS @healthandjustice



Listen more than you speak. I was able to financially support my family during covid fraud by

selling my T-Shirt designs. Because I needed every dollar they brought in, I designed products

my customers wanted and always said yes to their requests. Justice is about gathering the most

information possible so you can advocate for change and that happens when we listen more

than we speak. There is evidence and clues everywhere to protect your family if you watch and

listen carefully.

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