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The great dictator, (JT) sometimes known as Mr. Green, or Mr. Dress Up, or Mr. Woke............grew up on money that his grandfather had left through a TRUST FUND!

Well, that is not news, but what is news.....Grandpa earned that money running Gas Stations in Quebec...yup Mr. Green Energy himself has been living off money he got for nothing, earned by his grandfather selling dirty Gasoline to the masses.

"The Trudeau family wealth originates with Justin’s grandfather, Charles-Émile Trudeau, who made his fortune in Montreal gas stations in the early part of the 20th century."

Now, you might say, well what is wrong with that, after all Mr. Green did not actually sell the gasoline...and you would be right.

BUT since he advocates and forces us to make repairation payments to all kinds of groups from Canada's past, EVEN THOUGH most of us have no connection what so every to those past sins.

In fact most Canadians today do not trace their ancestors, in Canada, back to the time where the crimes were committed.

So, would it not be consistent with what JT believes for Mr. Woke to give that dirty Gasoline money back to the people as reparations for the terrible evils associated with the sale of dirty Gasoline.

Just asking.....for 38 million friends!

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