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Excitement is growing, unity is happening in Canada

Part 1 -Tonight on the Nova Scotia Free Speech Bulletin Board Tony Lohnes and Ken Drysdale discuss a movement happening across the country. People are waking up! We won't let them divide us as we grow!

Click on the image above to watch the Interveiw on Rumble.

Or, below is a direct link:


You know, I always enjoy speaking with Tony Lohnes.

He is a great example to all Canadians who are asking the question, "What Can I Do".

Everyday Tony goes out, on his own time and his own dime, and seeks out interesting people to do his interview show, and come rain or shine he does these shows day after day in an attempt to do his part to restore our freedoms and Charter Rights.

These interviews are not slick Main Stream Media type interviews, they are unscripted and you can be sure they are from the heart. In this Interveiw you will find we had some technical difficulties, and lost Tony's video feed, but the Interveiw went on and we made due with those difficulties.

Kind of like real life, don't you think?

I ask you to check out Tony's Rumble feed, and support him in his work, the best you can. Share and comment and let Tony know that you support him, in this most sacred of endeavours: To Restore Canada To A Land of Freedom and The Rule of JUST Laws.


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