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Exciting News from Manitoba Stronger Together (MST)!

Exciting news awaits at Manitoba Stronger Together (MST)! As our commitment to creating change and building a stronger Manitoba continues, we are thrilled to bring you a range of fresh resources and updates to fuel your journey with us. Our website is now brimming with valuable tools and insightful content to equip you as an active member of our transformative movement. But that's not all – we're constantly adding new material and regular updates, so be sure to check back often for the latest resources and developments! Together, we shape a prosperous future for our beloved province. Join us now and be part of the change! 🌟💪 #ManitobaStrongerTogether #EmpoweringChange #BuildingProsperity #StayUpdated

We are thrilled to announce some fantastic new resources available on our website! Drumroll, please... 🥁 1️⃣ Printable MST Business Cards: 📇 Now, you can proudly show your support for Manitoba Stronger Together (MST) with our brand new printable business cards! Easily print them at home using the Avery 5371 card template, and each sheet contains ten double-sided cards. Carry them with you wherever you go, and share the message of unity and progress with everyone you meet. Let's spread the word together! 2️⃣ Quick Impact Message Sheet: 🗣️ Introducing our Quick Impact Message sheet, the ultimate conversation starter! We know that talking about our vision is the first step to inspire others. This handy sheet provides you with clear instructions and supporting information to confidently introduce prospective new members to Manitoba Stronger Together. Spark their interest, ignite their curiosity, and bring them on board! But wait, there's more... 🌟 3️⃣ Policy Statement Release: 📜 The moment we've all been waiting for is just around the corner! We are putting the finishing touches on our comprehensive Policy Statement for the Manitoba General Election on October 3, 2023. 🗳️ This blueprint plan for Manitoba's future prosperity will be a game-changer. Keep a close eye on our website and this blog to be the first to access this crucial document that will shape our province's path towards a brighter tomorrow. Preview from the preface of the Policy Statement: Remember the Manitoba of the past, a place of promise, prosperity, and boundless potential? A time when Manitobans proudly nourished the world with our agricultural bounty, manufactured goods that shone in global markets, and explored the depths of the earth for our abundant minerals. We once shot rockets into space, standing united in our achievements. In those days, we relied on each other, not on the government, and our priorities were clear – God, Family, and Community. The government did not dictate every aspect of our lives, and we willingly paid our fair share, supporting our neighbours without hesitation. At Manitoba Stronger Together, we remember those days and believe Manitobans like us yearn for that vibrant future once more. Together, we can reclaim our roots and build a brighter, stronger, and united Manitoba. With great pride and a shared vision for a brighter future, we present Manitoba Stronger Together's Policy Statement Report. As concerned citizens, we have come together to chart a course for a stronger, more prosperous province that upholds the values we hold dear. This report represents the collective efforts of community members, experts, and passionate individuals who believe that true progress can only be achieved when the people are empowered and their voices heard. Our journey has been guided by the belief that government should serve the people, not dictate their lives. We recognize the challenges faced by our communities and understand that Manitobans deserve an accountable, transparent, and responsive government that prioritizes their needs. The policy proposals presented here aim to foster a sense of belonging, cooperation, and self-reliance, rooted in our rich heritage of neighbour helping neighbour and community-driven solutions. As we approach the provincial general election on October 3, 2023, we invite all Manitobans to join us on this journey towards a stronger, more united province. Together, let us build a Manitoba where opportunity knows no bounds, where our natural resources are utilized sustainably, where education empowers generations, and where our healthcare system serves every citizen with dignity and compassion. We stand strong in our commitment to bring positive change to every corner of our province, and with your support, we believe we can create a future that truly embodies the spirit of Manitoba Stronger Together.

More to come soon!!!!




Lastly, don't forget to join us for our weekly Tuesday evening Zoom meetings! 📅 We gather every week for 60 minutes of insightful discussions, updates, and guest speakers. It's a golden opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and become an active part of the solution. Your voice matters, and we can't wait to hear it! Stay tuned for more incredible updates and initiatives from Manitoba Stronger Together. Together, we are creating positive change and building a better future for Manitoba. Let's make history and be the driving force for prosperity in our province! 🌟💪 #ManitobaStrongerTogether #EmpoweringChange #FutureProsperity #JoinUsNow

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