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How Long Does It Take To Bake a Cake

Today is July 9, 2022, and STATISTICS CANADA, has not released the 2021 Mortality statistics!

Well, I am sure it is totally innocent, but did you know that Statistics Canada has not yet released the overall mortality rates for 2021. For anyone counting, July 9, 2022 is 186 days since January 1, 2022, so for a year with 365 days, that means we are 51.78% through the year.

Here is a link to the Statistics Canada Page you want to see:

Last year, 2020 mortality rates were available by May 2021.

Now let us think about this, not too much though! We just went through one of the most horrific and important years in the history of the World. We have all seen the media reports about record murders, suicides, C Deaths, V Deaths, and of course the news leaking out about Unknown Cause Deaths........and Yet, Statistics Canada has not yet published the data for us to review.

Now I am sure this is just a coincidence, nothing to see here folks. I am sure they are implementing extremely important programs such as equity and climate change over at Statistics Canada. After all Canadians do not really want to know what the heck happened last year.

Yup, you think I am joking but here is the link to the Statistics Canada equity and inclusion statistics for 2021

Many of you have asked me why we have not looked into the 2021 numbers yet.......



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