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I Have a Question?

I have a question....How come gasoline prices in Canada are $2.209 per litre CDN, (for anyone that still thinks in Imperial Gallons that is $10.00 per Gallon) while in Equador the price is $0.86 CDN per litre?

Canada has the third largest oil reserves in the World.

The Ecuadorian people just ended an 18 day national strike against high gasoline prices (and other things), and the price of gasoline and diesel will be frozen at current levels, according to the agreement between the government and the indigenous strikers! Equador just settled a nation wide strike that literally shut down the whole country, roads were blocked and the government did declare an emergency after more than two weeks of shut down, and violence.

Now I am NOT promoting violent strikes in Canada, but you got to wonder if we were not spending, spending, spending on insane left wing programs, and spending money like there is no tomorrow, OR if we were developing our own energy production, we might be able to help our own people!

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