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I Love Our Subscribers!!!!!

I told you all a fews months back (June 1, 2022 Post), about how one of our subscribers had discussed our investigative report with Mr. Pierre Poilievre, and handed Mr. P a copy of the report at a luncheon in Winnipeg. Well, up till now we have heard nothing from Mr. P or his team.


Well would you know it, our subscribers do not like to be ignored, and just recently one of our subscribers found themselves at an event with Mr. Poilievre, and she handed the report to Mr. P, and she managed to get a photo of it.

Well I do not know about what you think, but Mr. P does not look too happy about it.

Maybe that is just me!

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keepBU free
keepBU free
Aug 17, 2022

Pollieves is a WEF puppet... Anyone who wants to send more of our money to Ukraine/the UN is working against CANADA and for the globalist oppressors. PPC is our only hope politically.


Slavica Vukmanovic
Slavica Vukmanovic
Aug 16, 2022

This is further and ongoing evidence that all these politicians do not want to be held accountable for knowing and being part of these crimes. Everyone who knew that the governments were committing crimes and did not report and fight the criminals are guilty of Aiding and Abetting a criminal. The police are also guilty of these crimes. This is the reason we need direct democracy as soon as possible. Only by taking power away from these criminals and giving it to the people can we put a stop to further and continuing murder of innocent children and people. We must not waste time.

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