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Interview w Alberta Prosperity Project

Shawn Hamilton and Ken Drysdale discuss the Investigative Report, what happened over the past few years, and what is coming in 2023.

It is time to hold people responsible for their actions . Ken and Shawn talk about what happened over the past two years, what is happening now, and what must come in the future.

Ken provided an overview of website, and also showed an updated world map indicating that the Investigative report had been downloaded around the world, with 178,000 site visitors, and estimated circulation of the report of 500,000.


Ken also briefly spoke about a new initiative called "Rockin Grandmas United". Which is a new community support and action group with the mission to support families. The group is in the formative stages now....much more to the meantime you can go to: for more information.

Get in on the ground floor with this new exciting group!!


Check out our Webcast page, where you can watch all of the episodes of our video series "What That Means Is". Each of these 14 short videos guide you through the Investigative report, step by step, with you hosts Rosalie Drysdale, Chris Riddell, and Ken Drysdale.

Listen to the author of the report , explain in plain English the main section for he Investigative Report.


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