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Lady Justice What have You Become?

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Lady Justice, what does she mean to you? You see statues of her on all kinds of buildings, and I wonder how many of you have stopped to consider what the statue is supposed to mean, what it has meant and what it means now....more importantly how will it be interpreted tomorrow!

To many many people in Canada and indeed, throughout the World, Lady Justice means different things. To most Canadians, Lady Justice is understood to represent the fair and equal administration of Justice.

Justice and Legalism is not the same thing. A law can be unjust and still be legal.

However, I put it to you, that Lady Justice has now, in Canada and in most of the World taken on a more tragic meaning. Since the election of the current government in Canada, and the invention of the emergency, the entire system of government institutions has become corrupted and self serving.

The Justice system in Canada has come under the control of the Prime Minister and his cabinet henchmen, with the willing participation of the legacy media throughout the country.

For most Canadians Lady Justice is now simply a hollow and tragic symbol of a repugnant legal system which protects the wealthy and powerful while systematically repressing and imprisoning the weak.

Where once the blindfold over Lady Justice's eyes was to symbolize the fair and blind application of laws to all, it now symbolizes how our justice system is completely blind to the corruption that engulfs it.

Where the Sword she carries once symbolized swift and sure application of law to everyone, it now represents the oppression and repression of anyone who disagrees with the dictatorial edicts of the present criminal government, and its institutions. It represents the truncheon of the ruling class, and the police.

And worst of all the scales she carries once symbolized a fair and balanced approach to the law, without bias to position or power, they now represent a scale on which to weigh the stacks of money which are heaped up on one side to offset the rights of the other side. We no longer weigh what is right by its merits, but weigh what is right by the amount of money that one side is willing to place on the scales.

Who is responsible for this?

Well, of course each and every one of our "leaders" are to blame, and must be held accountable; however, we cannot forget all of those people who were just to busy or too comfortable to participate.

Did you Vote? But wait, did you really vote, what I mean is, did you educate yourself about what the issues were, did you participate in the process, do you know how to participate? Do you know how laws are passed, have you ever written a letter to your representative or participated in a community event or rally?

Did you take any action at all when you watched your neighbours store go out of business while massive monopolization occurred throughout every part of our society, economy and politics. Did you know there are anti monopoly laws in Canada, yet all media, including TV, Radio, Internet are controlled by less than a handful of global companies.

This is the same for most industries, they no longer serve their customers. They know you have no choice but to do business with you.

Did you protest when the Prime Minister simply shut down investigations into his own alleged wrong doing, or refusing to answer legitimate questions?

Did you demand fairness from the State Broadcaster that you pay over a Billion Dollars for each year?

When was the last time you attended a school board meeting, a council meeting, or a legislative session?

Who is to blame,......if we are honest with ourselves, we must also include ourselves.

Our elected representative are so blatantly disdainful towards you, they will not even respond to your letters, phone calls or emails......try it and see for yourself.

What to Do?

We need to make them hear us, we need to take action. We need to get invovled.

We???? yes everyone of you, without each and every one of you taking action, we cannot succeed.

What can you do?

Make them listen!

Educate yourself, get the report, subscribe to this blog, make copies of the report and drop it off at your constituency offices, drop it off at the police, drop it off with media contacts, start a conversation, but make sure you are educated.

You do not have to spend every waking hour doing this, read five pages a day, think about what you have read, and understand it, confirm it for yourself. Then take action. You do not have to sent out 500 reports, just one, just one a week, do it, and do it again, set yourself a goal, think about what you can do, and who you know, your lawyer, your doctor, your local police officer.

What is freedom and justice worth to you?

Print out the download cards and have them with you. Give them out to everyone!

Contact your local paper and ask them to do an article about this, and if they say no, ask why.

There is no calvary coming to save us. WE need to save ourselves.

Use our website as a toolkit to guide you and to provide you with materials you can use. Keep up with our blog posts, we are providing news, guidance and suggestions, attend a rally, listen AND ask questions.

We can win, we have to roll up our sleeves and do the work ourselves, and hold both the criminal to account as well as ourselves.

Every storm starts as a single drop, join our movement, do your part.

More to come

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Slavica Vukmanovic
Slavica Vukmanovic
Jul 19, 2022

Ken, you are my spiritual brother. We think and feel exactly the same. As a matter of fact I have written many similar posts. The only thing missing in your post is the solution. Our governments cannot be reasoned with they must be replaced. Our entire political system must be replaced. We have a representative democracy but we need a direct democracy. A direct democracy is we the voters are in charge, we the voters make the decisions. We need direct democracy. We need to share the direct democracy message and we need leaders and candidates to replace our corrupt leaders and representatives. Representative democracy is our Prime Minister is "RULER" and all those he appoints are not the politicians…

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