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Leighton Grey with Ken Drysdale

Ken Drysdale shares a damning report questioning mandates using data straight from Statistics Canada

The interview with Leighton Grey on his podcast "Grey Matters", was just released today.

You can watch it on Leighton's website or on Youtube or on our Website.

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Kenneth Drysdale have a conversation about his experience as an engineer and inventor in the arctic, how curiosity drove him to compile a damming report on the government’s actions related to the COVID pandemic, and what the public can do to better understand the situation we’re now facing post pandemic.

Ken R. Drysdale is an executive engineer with over 40 years of experience as a Professional Engineer, which includes 29 years experience in the development and management of national and regional engineering businesses.

In this episode Ken & Leighton take a deep dive into the misrepresentation of the early data released by Statistics Canada, how he came to find himself deep in the thick of the cancel culture phenomenon form simply sharing the damning report, and how he hopes the general public will use the report to hold the government accountable in the coming years.

To read the report from Kenneth Drysdale you can visit:

This episode’s recommended reading:

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Bonhoeffer – Eric Metaxas

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