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Lookie Lookie .... What We Got!

Telling the Truth and Youtube.

Well we have been planning for it, and here you go. Youtube is starting to take down our content. Today YouTube Censors decided to remove Episode 4 of our Truth Series "Moms and Babies"

I am sure more are to come shortly, so our YouTube Channel May Disappear!

Now do not concern yourselves with this, since you can watch that Episode, and all our Episodes on Rumble and Bitchute and on Truth Social.

We have planned for them taking this action, that is why we put our content on multiple locations.

By The Way, all of our content can be found on our Website:

Funny how merely reporting the Statistics, and Facts as provided by the Government violates their community standards!

I think it is time for everyone to start leaving that sinking ship for other sites. Other sites that actually do support free and truthful speech.

You know, some folks will be okay with this. They say, YouTube is a private company and they can do what they like....but that is not quite true.

You see, that private company has been granted the right to use the public internet infrastructure to operate their business. They do not own the internet and they do not own the infrastructure which has created the internet. Without that Publicly Owned infrastructure, they wouldn't exist.

The public owns the Internet, and We the Public have granted them the Privilege of using OUR infrastructure and the Privilege of operating in our Marketplace!

In addition, the legislature has granted them certain additional rights and protections, because they are supposed to be an unbiased Public Forum.

In any case, please comment and share and come and visit us on the FREE SPEACH platforms list below.

I Refuse to Be Treated Like some kind of Second Class Serf, so YouTube, can take a flying leap....We have overnight revised our Webcast Page, so that the Videos are hosted directly on our site, and you can watch them on our site, by simply clicking on the Video Icon...OR you can still click on the push buttons to watch on Rumble or Bitchute.

Below is a screen shot our out newly renovated Webcast Page:
Simply click on the image below to be taken to the webcast page!





I guess it won't be long before this will violate community Standards as Well.

Do Not worry it is on our Website as well.

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