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How to return the government to the people, how to make your voice count again, and how we can take control once again. But it is up to you. It only works if you participate. It is free of cost to you, but it will require little bit of your time! How bad do you want it?

Click on the image above to go to our Webcast page and watch the entire video. Also on our webcast page you have the option of watching the video on Rumble or Bitchute. We remind you that we do not support Youtube due to their censorship policies.


We are introducing you to the concept of citizen engagement.

CATCS stand for: Community Accountability and Transparency Councils.

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By joining you can help reverse the decades long trend of social isolation and detachment from civic engagement. CATCs will create the Network which will be used to ensure politicians and institutions are responsive to the needs, the transparency and accountability of their constituents.


CATCs is a national network of volunteers;

CATCs consist of Community Councils, Provincial Councils and supported by a National Council;

CATCs is a Special Interest Network FOR THE PEOPLE WITH THE PEOPLE.


CATCs is NOT Politically aligned with any current or future political party or Institutions.

CATCs is NOT a new political party or Institution.

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As usual, you decide, you do your own research, make up your own mind.


Each video will be between 15 and 20 minutes long, and will explain the key elements of the 89 page report in simple to understand language, as brought to you by a variety of hosts and guest speakers. You can download your free copy of the report from: www.the You can contact us at:


Click image to visit the website

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Apr 03, 2023

Thank you Ken and Rosalie and friends. Please invite Brian Peckford about how we can change our constitution and how can the Magna Carta help us.

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