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There is a lot going on today, that I know our members will want to partake of, BUT one thing you cannot partake in is our regularly scheduled ZOOM meeting for Tonight November 28, 2023. Tonights ZOOM Call is cancelled since Ken is appearing tonight at the Christine Anderson event in Winnipeg, and many of our members are attending that event. BUT there is a lot more important things going on today, you should know about!!!

But Wait, there is much more:

The National Citizens Inquiry is releasing its comprehensive FINAL REPORT today at 10:00 am Winnipeg Time, November 28, 2023

Ken Drysdale is the Chair of the Commissioners and one of the authors of the report, so you can watch the Hearing Live today or later on Rumble. Click on the image below to watch on Rumble.

Visit for more information.

This is an historic moment in history. Never before in the World have citizens come together to organize, fund and carry out a citizens inquiry of Government Actions. If you do not know about this, you should. Once again people from our very own province are proving what we can do.

Today marks an extraordinary and historic moment for our nation. At 10:00 AM Central Time, the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) will host a live event, unveiling a groundbreaking report that offers a comprehensive analysis of Canada's journey through the pandemic. This is a day we have eagerly awaited, one filled with inspiration and hope for a better future.

A Snapshot of History

The NCI's report is not merely a document; it's a testament to the unwavering spirit of Canadian citizens who sought answers, demanded accountability, and worked tirelessly to uphold our cherished values of freedom, truth, and justice. It is a snapshot of history, capturing a critical period that challenged our nation in unprecedented ways.

300+ Witnesses, 10 Provinces, 2 Territories

This report is the result of an incredible journey. Over the course of 2.5 months, the NCI Commissioners, led by Ken Drysdale, crisscrossed the nation, traveling from coast to coast, stopping in every province and territory. They listened to the voices of over 300 witnesses who bravely stepped forward to share their experiences during the pandemic.

A Comprehensive Analysis

What emerged from these testimonies is a comprehensive analysis that delves deep into the actions and responses of Canadian institutions during this challenging period. It is a candid examination of both the successes and failures, a reflection on where we excelled and where we faltered as a society.

A Call for Accountability

But beyond a historical record, the report is a call for accountability. It underscores the need to ensure that such challenges are met with better preparedness, transparency, and, most importantly, a commitment to the principles upon which our nation is built.

The Power of the People

The NCI hearings and this report represent the power of the people. It is a testament to the fact that when Canadians unite for a common cause, when they seek truth and justice, there is no challenge too great to overcome.

A Roadmap to a Brighter Future

Today, as we embark on this momentous journey through the pages of the NCI report, let it serve as a roadmap to a brighter future. Let it inspire us to take the lessons learned and transform them into action. Let it remind us that we, the people, have the power to shape the destiny of our great nation.

Join Us Today at 10:00 AM Central Time

We invite you all to join us today at 10:00 AM Central Time for this live event where the NCI report will be presented. It's a day to celebrate our resilience, our commitment to truth, and our dedication to preserving the values that define us as Canadians.

Together, we will continue our journey towards a stronger, more united, and more just Manitoba and Canada.

Stay inspired. Stay united. Stay strong.

Manitoba Stronger Together

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