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Part 1 Interview Ken Drysdale & Wayne Sturby (Manitoba Party)

PART 1 of 3

The Leader Of The Manitoba Party, Wayne Sturby sits down with Forensic Expert Ken Drysdale to discuss the 90 page report on the Origins Of Covid 19 and the Criminal Implications of the Pandemic Emergency Response.


Part One of this Three part series of interviews between Ken Drysdale of Citizens for Truth and Mr. Wayne Sturby, who is the leader of the Manitoba Party.

In the first interview of this series, Wane and Ken provide an overview of the Investigative Report. They discuss the basics of the report and they review the approach taken in writing the report, which uses the Government of Canada's own statistics as reported by Statistics Canada.

This first segment if 8:47 long, you do not want to miss this series!

This is a unique opportunity to listen to the leader of the Manitoba Party, expressing the party's position of this extremely important topic!


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I liked the very strong background for your qualifications, Ken. As said, who better to write this type of report then someone who has written many such reports. This point is very important.

For comparison, I think of the report written on the BC response to the pandemic, and note particularly the exclusion of the most important aspect, was the response appropriate? The BC report was in my view, mostly a waste of tax payer money. It said nothing, other then congratulations on what seems to be a good job done on the surface a job of keeping the public satisfied. The recent Texas report on their response was better but still not near to yours.

I read and am…

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