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Part 2 | Blowing the Whistle on the Organized Betrayal of Natural Health in Canada

Welcome to the second installment of Susan Stanfield's gripping book, "Betrayed." In this chapter, titled "Crown Rule," we continue our journey through a thought-provoking narrative that explores the consequences of unchecked power and the struggle for justice. Stanfield's compelling storytelling and keen insights make this installment a must-read as we delve deeper into the intricate web of intrigue and deception. Join us as we uncover the next layer of this captivating tale that delves into the heart of our democracy and the challenges it faces.


By: Susan Standfield

INSTAGRAM IS @healthandjustice


2 Crown Rule




The British Columbia coat of arms

meaning ‘the sun never sets over

the British Empire’ in Latin

Before I start to explain the brutal events that happened to me, I’ll go over one of the most important lessons many of us learned exposing covid fraud. Our governance structures in Canada are in fact designed to fail us and knowing that might just save your life.

They look all fancy and important from the outside, but the truth is, when faced with the biggest criminal conspiracy in the history of the world, they all failed to protect our freedoms. All of them led to the destruction our society and caused death to many of our loved ones.

If you look closely at the Coat of Arms illustration, you’ll see who is at the top. Not you. Not me. Not our children. Undeserved undemocratic privileged royalty from Europe holds the power in British Columbia after they stole the land we occupy from Canada’s indigenous people.

I’m not quite sure what is with the red tongue of the deer. Super creepy. But study the symbol, understand what every part of it means and you will begin to see why and how Covid fraud was possible. Our government serves a foreign entity first under a system we are forced to obey, ‘The Crown’.

The head of state of Canada is not ‘we the people’ but one person who is ninety-six years old and lives in a castle in London. Or Scotland if she is hunting deer. We are not privy to HRH’s daily activities despite the fact they rule our country and thus, determine the fate of our lives. Living in the UK now I have just seen her 70th Jubilee events which is surreal to say the least. All our governance systems, structure and law are ruled by Crown Law in her name, Her Majesty the Queen. And since she doesn’t live in Canada her power has been assigned to local paid officers that are again, not elected but appointed with none of us having any say.

This is nowhere near the concept of democracy for the people by the people. It’s feudalism and it’s back in full force thanks to corrupt public servants who betrayed us all for money and power.

Before I get into the sordid details, you will see a pattern in my book that is intentional for two reasons, one being I believe many people at the helm of covid fraud are in fact victims. I don’t carry blame or hate towards anyone to be honest. I am stronger and more evolved than that.

My book doesn’t delve into the dark recesses of any of the people who harmed me but rather is a moment-by-moment factual account of what was done to me. It is evidence compiled for all of us to use in future litigation.

Understanding my story, the facts and evidence I have gathered and the conclusions I have come to, what you do with it is up to you. I can’t advocate for your rights; you can’t advocate for mine. Those of us who understand the difference are the ones who are outsmarting this tyranny and that is a massive hack to remember.

You already have everything you need to be free.

You choose freedom or you don’t choose freedom, but you always make a choice.

Freedom comes not from another person giving it to us but because of us comprehending history, humanity and ultimately albeit less fashionable these days, morality.

I feel sorry for all the people who went along with the covid heist to be honest and am very grateful to not be in their shoes. Can you imagine being the kind of person who is so afraid to speak out, so disconnected from your own sense of self that you just ‘go along’ with organized crime out of fear? I can’t. That’s hell to me. If you were or are that person, you have my compassion. I’m honoured you chose to read my book and you have my word that I will offer you the tools to finally liberate yourself. It's not too late and it’s never too late to choose live free.

The other reason you won’t read salacious hate-filled writing here is for legal reasons. Although this is a personal story that I have every right to tell in my own way, I have withheld names to protect myself legally. Knowing the cold heavy sharpness of handcuffs binding my wrist bones, I am not interested in ever returning to a Canadian jail cell again. 

Your quest for justice has nothing to do with others and everything to do with how you perceive yourself. Don’t focus on anyone who tries to stop or silence you. Don’t even get upset or mad. Do what I do and choose compassion for two very good reasons.

One, you will begin to heal yourself and remove the ability of others to harm you. Two, you might just help someone else. Hate breeds hate. Love breeds love. Always focus on the love no matter how much the haters try to bait you.

So, in this compromised dysfunctional phony democracy we call Canada, who are you? What do you believe in? What values do you have and what are you willing to fight for? Those are the most important questions to answer today if you want freedom. Your willingness to advocate for yourself is in direct proportion to the life you will be allowed to live.

It may not have seemed necessary over the past fifty years in Canada but it’s the most important social issue of our time and it’s urgent. How can Canadians and British Columbians protect our freedoms given the abuse of Crown rule over every aspect of our lives?

Growing up in a home where legal, judicial and governance education was a part of daily life, I had some good basic knowledge of where to look to find the rot in our system. I also had a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from one of Canada’s most respected universities to guide me. I didn’t have many of the answers I have now but let’s just say I knew where to look to find them, and I knew organized crime was actively at play across my country. And I knew the ‘Crown’ system was an integral part of how and why organized government crime has always flourished in our country.

Watching top public servants of Canada and British Columbia threaten and violate my freedoms over and over, I started with them and the Governments of Canada and BC to guide me. If I was going to expose these crimes, I needed to know exactly what they were doing and what power they had behind them to harm us.

Then I could explain this to others, inspire them to speak out with me and crash the system using the basic lawfulness of humanity that I knew was on my side. And of course, women and mothers who were beyond fed up even before covid.

‘Crown Rule’ is the dominant force of governance ruling over 2.5 billion citizens on the planet now. Minus the population of Barbados who hightailed it out of the Commonwealth last November because of bankster fraud. Good for them. If you missed the COP26 speeches from Glasgow they are well worth watching particularly the Bajan speech.

I’m not saying any one person is the perfect role model but the more information you have access to the more you will begin to understand how crime flourishes in the public sector. Watch and read as much as you can. Travel as often as you can. Listen to people who live completely different lives from you and come to you own conclusions. That’s how I started in advocacy, in a tiny French speaking West African country on the impoverished streets of Conakry, Guinea.

People who live under Crown Rule in Commonwealth nations make up one third of the entire population of the world. We all live without freedom. We all live as subjects oppressed by our structures. And we are all in serious trouble unless we make intentional changes to how we are governed.

Isn’t that insane? We think we have freedom, but I can assure, we do not. We are not granted the right to be head of state, our money is controlled by European bankers who steal it and if we challenge this system like I did, we face the full force of multiple levels of law enforcement who serve Her Majesty, not Canadians. I have been arrested by provincial law enforcement and federal law enforcement and there’s no difference in treatment because both groups work for Her Majesty. The Crown is the boss.

Many of these officers are henchmen basically trained to protect the financial assets of The Crown. Now having said that, is HRH receiving e-transfers from Ottawa? No of course not but ‘The Crown’ still rules Canada. ‘The Crown’ rules the courts. And ‘The Crown’ is who you are up against if you don’t like what our governments are up to.

As I am doing the layout on BETRAYED, I am watching Prince Charles inside Canada’s Parliament in what I believe is a Royal Mint of Canada PR tool. When he replaces his mother as ruler, there is a chance his face will go onto our money as the King of England, His Majesty.

For 154 years most Canadians save our incredible indigenous families who know this suffering well, believed we were free. We went about our lives without much hassle, and it was basically a good deal. Work, buy homes, drink beer at weekend hockey games and generally be free and respected. Until covid when the plush carpet of democracy was pulled out from beneath us.

Pretty early on some of us began to see the major philosophical and structural flaws to our governance models. For example, when a law is passed in the British Columbia legislature, it must be given ‘Royal Ascent’ or it’s not a law. HRH representatives must approve all democratic initiatives we embark on. An elderly woman sitting on the other side of the world in a castle who faces no scrutiny to any public judgement ‘allows’ us to live and we accept this. Truth be known, we are to blame for what has befallen us.

Another example of how controlled and bullied we are, is our money. We don’t have sovereign control over Canadian money which is completely unacceptable. Who controls our money? Foreign bankers. They photocopy it, give it a value they decide and then lend it to us with interest. Foreign bankers lend money to Canada so Canadians can gain employment and feed our families. It’s completely disempowering to our sovereign economic rights and why our leaders cannot answer any financial questions they are being asked right now in the House of Commons.

I believe this is the entire premise of why the pandemic was brought into our country; to force thirty-nine million of us into a new highly controlled digital financial system which can be seen now with the roll out of the illegal, unlawful digital ID and currency which I call the Slavecoin.

Crown rule is the worst system to live under. It’s oppressive, feudal, and susceptible to being rigged as we have all witnessed for two years. Now we know what the real agenda of our government was all along when it brought Covid into Canada in collusion with foreign leaders like the G7 who have met frequently since covid. Right now, until June 20, 2022, after most countries have dropped restrictions, to travel by train inside our borders to visit family, you still need permission from the state. If you refuse you may be imprisoned, fined, and threatened as I was so you break down and comply. That’s the name of the game now, compliance. All thanks to MP’s and Premieres we pay who ‘go along’ to protect their careers and maintain this illegal unlawful policy using their votes in the House of Commons.

Remember back in March 2020 when spring was on its way and life was normal? Then suddenly you were forced to watch daily propaganda on television instructing you to follow ‘Orders’ that had been put into place without any public consultation, voting or transparency. Remember how creepy and unnatural that felt? That was because of Crown Law and our system of Constitutional Monarchy.

Orders in Council are a nefarious ancient British tradition of removing rights and freedoms so the important powerful people can do as they see fit. Go to war and kill people. Steal land and give it to their friends, hijack pension funds to enrich themselves. Things like that.

For the first time at age 50 in 2018 I stumbled upon Orders in Council when I was threatened at my kids Vancouver school. I literally had never heard of them before like most Canadians. Slightly disturbed about the word ‘order’ in 2018 I dove into understanding exactly by what means the BC Public Health Officer remotely holds the power to imprison and fine me and there they were, Orders in Council.

Little did I know I had stumbled upon a deadly Pandora’s box of Crown Law used to run Canada unlawfully to favour a small group of rich powerful elite with very few Canadians even knowing this is going on.

That fall with a small group of mom friends I started researching how one unelected public servant held the power to threaten five million British Columbians. It was a devastating and shocking few months as I began to understand the inner workings of Canada’s Government. In hindsight it was a gift to me and my children’s health. It saved us and inspired me to believe that I had the ability, intellect, and skills to save other Canadian families from the harm of Crown rule in our country.

2022 is the ideal moment in history for Canada to exit crown rule. But can we do that? Will we bother? Do Canadians even understand this level of governance complexity? Or are we about to see King Charles’ face on our money?

These questions are not being asked by Canadian journalists for many reasons the big one being our media is also partly controlled by foreign interests. 2022 would be the most ideal year in history for Canadian citizens to become the head of our sovereign nation but our MPs would rather entertain a Prince than give the people who employ them their freedoms.

If Canadians had a more revolutionary spirit like the Americans, then possibly, yes, we could take back our power but one of the many harsh legacies of colonialism is the acceptance of oppression. It’s more comfortable living in an unfair status quo than to rock the boat. The suffering seems less than what we might endure should we rise-up and demand something better for our children.



Stay Tuned for Part Three

Susan Standfield INSTAGRAM IS @healthandjustice



Orders in Council are issued in Canada both provincially and federally and require the signature of either the Governor General (federal Orders) or any Lieutenant Governor (provincial Orders). High paid lawyers paid by us, draft them inside the Ministry of the Attorney General in Victoria for BC, and in Ottawa federally. Additional Ministers may sign them making all these individuals liable for the harm they cause. They can be available to be viewed, printed, and used as evidence from government websites.

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