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Police Attacking Their Own

Have you Ever Been Fired? Find out how a Police Officer with over 34 years of experience on the service was fired for not complying with the Vxx mandate. At a time when we needed him Most!

Click on the image above to go to our Webcast page and watch the entire video. Also on our webcast page you have the option of watching the video on Rumble or Bitchute. We remind you that we do not support Youtube due to their censorship policies.

Meet Jason Garrett, a veteran police officer who served his community for over 34 years.

When the Pandemic started in 2020, the Police Services, as part of the under staffed emergency services, were exempted from any provincial government mandates. However by late 2021, this exemption was removed and officers were required to declare their medical status.

Officer Garrett understood that this violated his rights of medical privacy and refused to declare. The principal of doctor patient confidentiality is a long standing cornerstone of the Canadian medical system.

Officer Garrett was placed on unpaid leave, which courts had previously ruled is constructive dismissal. You have to wonder how the Police Service could carry out an action which amounted to Constructive Dismissal, when the idea of Constructive Dismissal has been understood to decades.

Another case of simply change the name of something to fool people!

Officer Garrett approached his Police Union for help, and was denied. You know, the people he had being paying Union Dues to for 34 years.

Officer Garrett approached the Human Rights Commission and was told, that since he had a Union representation, he had no ability to ask the Human Rights Commission for help. Catch 22?

There is much more to this tragic story, come hear what was going on directly from a police officer who was directly impacted.

At a time when our emergency service personnel were needed most, they were being attacked by their own!

As usual, you decide, you do your own research, make up your own mind.

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On Next weeks Episode, discover a new Grassroots organization that will help return the Power to the People. Something to consider!

Want to be a part of something new, something that will give you and all Canadians Citizens a Voice?

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02 avr. 2023

I am curious if Ken was privvy to those things which were unsaid during Laura Jeffery's testimony at NCI in Toronto. For example, where did the deceased babies go and why. I am actually more than curious, these are burning questions.


Lillian Thorin
Lillian Thorin
27 mars 2023

This happened to all sectors of the workforce in this country! Either take the jab or lose your job! All unions turned their backs on their members, after giving their word that they would stand firmly behind their members right to refuse...It was later discovered that these same unions ( most if not all) were offered a million dollars to enforce/ coerce their members to comply with the government man dates...Why anyone would continue to support their union after something like this boggles my mind....

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