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Episode 3, Series Two: "RELATIVELY ABSOLUTE". Did you know how the Government and Big Pharma reported the "Efficacy" of their Vaccines?  Did you think 90% Efficacy meant it protected you 90% of the time?   THEY FOOLED YOU!

Click the Image above to watch the entire video on our Webcast Page. On our Webcast Page you can also choose to watch it on Rumble or Bitchute. WE DO NOT POST OUR VIDEOS TO YOUTUBE AS THEY ARE NOT A FREE SPEACH PLATFORM. PLEASE SUPPORT RUMBLE AND BITCHUTE.

This episode is the THIRD instalment of Series Two of our online weekly show "What That Means Is".  With you hosts, Rosalie Drysdale, Chris Riddell and Ken Drysdale.

Have you ever heard the terms "Relative Efficacy" or "Absolute Efficacy"?  

Do you know what they mean?

This is Important! A Must Watch Episode.  No One Else Is Reporting This to You, but we are!

Have you ever heard of the "Shell Game"?

A game involving sleight of hand, in which three inverted cups or nutshells are moved about, and contestants must spot which is the one with a pea or other object underneath.

A deceptive and evasive action or ploy, especially a political one!

As usual, you decide, you do your own research, make up your own mind.

Each video will be between 15 and 20 minutes long, and will explain the key elements of the 89 page report in simple to understand language, as brought to you by a variety of hosts and guest speakers.

You can download your free copy of the report from:


Or, Leave a Comment on This Blog Directly, for Everyone to Read!

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