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Episode 5, Series Two: "REVOLUTIONARY SOLUTIONS". We have been providing you with a great deal of information concerning the problems that we face.  Episode 5 discusses possible solutions to return our country to the people.

Click the above image to go to the webcast page and watch the entire video. On the webcast page you will also find links to view the video on Rumble and Bitchute.


With all of the issues we are facing, people can feel overwhelmed and do not know what to do.  We want to remind that you have the power if you can come together as a group.

Quote of the Episode: "Solutionary Problems"  + "Devolution"

Who is a citizen, who is a resident of Canada, ... in our opinion.

All of those people fighting for freedom are fighting for the same cause, we must support each other, we must support ALL of the freedom fighters.  Together we are strong, together we will win.  Even if we do not agree 100% we need to support the things we are in agreement with.  Link Together.

There is too much rumour and innuendo and it is damaging our movement toward Government Accountability and Freedom. Ask yourself, what are our goals, are the issues we are considering significant or are they opinion only, how are your actions helping?

Are you being unnecessarily confrontational or are you working toward change in a cooperative way. That does not mean acquiescence, it means choose your words carefully and try to educate and get the other side to understand your position.

Starting the conversations with "Are you Crazy ..." or "What were you thinking ..." perhaps does not build cooperation or understanding. Try asking questions like "Can we discuss so and so ...." or "Can you help me to understand what you mean concerning ... "

See the Difference?

Be honest, with yourself, are your concerns really valid or are they style or aesthetic based?

If you want to know a way forward, you need to listen to this episode.

As usual, you decide, you do your own research, make up your own mind.

You can download your free copy of the report from:

You can contact us at:

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Mar 06, 2023

Your suggestion to form voting blocs is a good one. Have you been contacted by anyone who is part of a voting bloc movement here in my riding of South Surrey BC? Don Specht

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