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"Setting The Stage" EP #1 DEBUT

Updated: May 9, 2023

As many of you know, we have been travelling across Canada for the past two months with the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI). We got home from Vancouver at 4:00 am last night, and are preparing to fly to Quebec City later this week for the next NCI Hearing. BUT before, we left we decided to publish the first episode of Rosalie's long awaited new program "Setting The Stage".

Episode One, includes a brief Introduction by Rosalie describing what her new program is all about and giving you some insights into what to expect going forward.

Episode One of "Setting the Stage" with Rosalie Drysdale.

A show about "Everyday People" everyday heroes, in short, what Canada is about. Rosalie discusses the sacrifices and decisions and the substance of character that you make in your everyday lives is heroic.

"The Great Canadian Experience".

With the incredible growth of the Freedom Movement, it is essential that we stay united in our just cause of Freedom. Personal Sovereignty, Freedom, Growth is the Path to Freedom and Progress.

Stay on Course to Stay United, and Accomplish Our Goals.


Next Week, Rosalie's fascinating Interview with: Charlotte Martin, Pastor, Chaplain, Councillor, and Singer!

Setting The Stage EP #1 w Rosalie Drysdale
EP #2: Rosalie Drysdale Interviews Charlotte Martin

"What That Means Is"

Do not worry, once we are finished with our important work at the National Citizens Inquiry, we will get back to work with Ken Drysdale, Rosalie Drysdale and Chris Riddell to bring you some incredible new episodes of "What That Means Is".

New Episodes coming soon!!!!


National Citizens Inquiry

If you are not watching the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI), I ask you why not.

This is important folks ... Never before has there been a Citizen Organized, Citizen Run and Citizen Funded investigation of the Governments' Actions during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

A first of its kind in the World!!

The NCI is travelling from coast to coast in Canada, they are holding hearings in 8 major cities across Canada. In each city the NCI holds hearings from around 9:00 am to 7:00 pm for Three Full days.

The hearings are free to attend and open to the public!

Come to hear from Ordinary and Extraordinary Canadians, people just like you. Hear them tell their stories of how the Governments' actions affected them and their families.

Hear from the World's leading experts, including Medical Doctors, Researchers, Legal Scholars, Statisticians, Social Thinkers, Judges, Nurses, Councillors, Politicians, Emergency Planners, Soldiers, Police Officers, Media Experts, and too many more to list.

I guarantee if you watch a full day of testimonies, any day of testimonies, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, AND GIVE YOU NEW PERSPECTIVE, on the actions of our Government.

This is History folks, you need to be a part of it!

Millions and Millions of people are tuning in from around the World to watch.

All of the hearings are live streamed on major social media outlets as well as on the NCI website.

We really need to get behind the folks at the NCI, and you really need to get this information out there, through your social media community.


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