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"Setting the Stage" Episode 2

At long last, we have now completed Episode 2 of Rosalie Drysdale's new webcast "Setting the Stage". We are so sorry for being away for so long. You may not know that Ken accepted the request to act as one of the 4 commissioners with the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI). Over the past 4 months, we have been travelling across Canada holding 24 hearings in 8 Canadian Cities, interviewing over 300 witnesses, and now Ken is involved with the preparation of the final report to the commission. So we have simply not been able to bring to you the stories, posts and webcasts that you have come to enjoy. BUT, the incredible work with the NCI will soon be completed and we will be able to get back to bringing you the kind of content that you expect from us, ... so stay tuned. Now, about Episode 2...

In Episode 2 of "Setting the Stage" Rosalie welcomes her first guest, Ms. Charlotte Martin from Glitter to Glory Ministries (GGM).

Real Life, Real Conversation, Real Inspiration.

In this 30 minute interview, Rosalie and Charlotte discuss a wide range of topics, in a no holds barred format. No topic is off limits, and the resulting discussion is inspiring.

Rosalie and Charlotte talk about life, the music industry, ministry, and the relationships between people, and families. They explore all aspects of life, including Charlotte's experiences with extreme trauma and tragedy in life, and how she was able to triumph, and move on, to helping other people through her outreach ministry.

Charlotte speaks about her time working for Chanel Cosmetics, her 11 years as a Chaplain at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg, singing in a Big Band for over 20 years, and her current outreach and ministry.

Please join Rosalie and Charlotte in this riveting discussion which will inspire you and perhaps provide a little help with some of the challenges you and your family may be facing.


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