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Stand Together, Support Truth

Hey everyone, like many of you, I have been following a wide variety of "Alternative Media Personalities" Also Known As: Truth Tellers, for quite some time. I watch many of them so that I can get a variety of opinions, learn new things, and get tips and techniques for my own program and efforts. The vast majority of these folks are doing this on their own time and their own dime. NO billion dollar financial support packages from the Feds!

I want to talk about a true patriot and someone who has represented us all with vigour, truth and steadfastness.

Shadoe Davis, is a true Canadian Patriot, for a long time now, he has been bringing quality information, entertainment, news and commentary to all Canadians. He puts together a professional show, and it is a joy and a privilege to watch. He is a Winnipeg icon, who has stood up to the evil agenda, and I would imagine, at great personal cost.

Shadoe's commentary is heartfelt, truthful, sometimes irreverent, but always worth a close listen to.


Now, why I am I speaking about this.

Recently Shadoe decided to create a paid subscription service on Facebook, it costs $6.49 per month. Let me repeat $6.49 a month. That is less than a single cup of crappy woke coffee from Starbucks.

I also know how much time, and dedication it takes to put on a quality program like this one.

NOW, Shadoe is continuing to provide his show Free of Charge on Rumble and on Twitter.

I repeat, he is still providing his first class show for FREE on Rumble and Twitter.

More perspective, the Feds give $1.4 billion of your taxes to the CBC every year.


Let's support Sahdoe Davis

If you can, please subscribe to Shadoe's Facebook show.

Let's show Shadoe that we appreciate what he is doing, let's support this true patriot.

It takes a great deal of time effort and cost to put on this kind of program, and if you are not aware, Shadoe is very active in the Freedom Community.

So, I ask you, if you can, Please Support Sahdoe by subscribing to his Facebook Subscription service. It is up to you, but I have subscribed myself, I enjoy and appreciate what he is doing, and if you do, and maybe even if you do not...subscribe support TRUTH.


Just a Note of Transparency

I have not and did not discuss this post with Shadoe Prior to posting it.

I have been on Shadoe's show in the past, and I support his efforts.


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