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TrueFacts Message Around the World

I was looking through our website and I found this little bit of information I thought you might be interested in. Below is a map of the locations in the World where people are accessing website from!

Many of you have asked me....Are We Making a Difference?

My answer to you is, People from All Over the World are waking up and Listening!

Our message is reaching every single continent on the Planet, and people are starting to understand what has happened to us, and who is responsible.

From Greenland to Africa, from Alaska to Australia and every place in between, our messages are being heard. Your messages are being listened to .... and people are starting to ask "What Happened"

This morning our Website has had 154,000 unique visitors and that is only since June 2022!

And it is accelerating.


What Can You Do

When you visit us, when you subscribe, and especially when you comment on our posts and share them, you become part of getting our message heard.

You become part of the solution, and you are helping to usher in the new era of Truth.

The time for being passive and submissive is ended. We are now into the investigation stage, and soon that will give way to trials and justice.

Justice by and for the people of the World.

Truth so that we all can know what they did, how they did it, and who helped them do it.

There must be consequences for those who led and those that enabled.

Finally there will be rehabilitation, reconciliation and a rebuilding of all of the institutions that supported and promoted this madness.




Are you feeling sorry, are you feeling helpless, well, you are not helpless, they only want you to feel that way.

You can Lead Us forward, each one of us together we are invincible.

You promised, I promised to "Stand On Guard for Thee", .... now is the time to fulfill that promise. It is a promise long fulfilled by our parents and grandparents, and now it is our turn, for our children and their children.

Join Us........Participate in What We are Doing, help me to get the Truth Out to the World.

Subscribe, Participate, Share our Posts, Pass Out the Report, do your part, one person at a time, we are awakening the People of the World, and once roused, the people will be unstoppable!


Godspeed, in your journey with us, together we will prevail!



A little reminder ....


My closing Prayer from September 3, 2022 Event!

This is my plea to each of you!

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Dec 04, 2022

God bless and guide you and all of your work, I fully support and embrace you ❤️🙏


Ken Drysdale
Ken Drysdale
Nov 24, 2022

Looks to us like the truth is spreading far and wide! Let’s pray that those responsible will be brought to justice!

It’s people like you that make this world a better place!

God bless you, D&M


Contact Website
Contact Website
Nov 24, 2022

Here’s praying that the people of the world will awaken



Contact Website
Contact Website
Nov 24, 2022

I love it Ken!!!! Great motivational message!!! Let our fire inside us roar and rise up to defend the truth and our beautiful country for our children and grand children!!!



Contact Website
Contact Website
Nov 24, 2022

Thank you for the encouragement!


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