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We Need Your Help!!!

Just got this email from one of our family of subscribers!

Photo below is of Mr. Greg Nesbitt, Member of the Manitoba Legislature for the Riding of Riding Mountain.

One of our subscribers had an experience I think everyone might want to know about with their Member of the Manitoba Legislature. I thought you might all want to read it:

Mr Gregg Nesbitt (MLA) is another - In Fact many “Assistants” are very Rude as soon one even MENTIONS Your report or any Covid related Factual info; Mr Hewler (?) Assistant to me: “I don't need to listen to this, This is your opinion...” They forget they are Public Servants, Premier Stefhanson Office Assistant/Secretary that answers calls simply chooses to hang up on a person if questioning topic;

So......This is another one of our "PUBLIC SERVANTS" who seem to think they do not have to listen to their constituents! The unmitigated gall, the arrogance and the total distain for the people who actually pay their salary.


How about this? During the 2016 election, what do you think Mr. Nesbitt told you about himself?

Well you do not have to guess, here is what he told you:

So.....what do YOU think? Did he deliver on his promises?

Do you think he delivered on Healthcare??? After all the PC government continued to close ICU beds and Emergency rooms across the province right up until the fall of 2019.

In the fall of 2019 Manitoba had one of the lowest ICU Bed to Population counts in Canada, and even those beds were not staffed fully.

How about how he is treating his "salt of the earth" people by being inaccessible to them and being rude to them on the most controversial issue of our lifetimes?

Did he give you quality health care, education and social programming, the way he promised? OR did he instead give you one of the worst run and lowest level of health care in the Country........check the numbers for yourself! Did you get an education system that you are proud of and is serving the needs of your children and grandchildren? How many kids are we now graduating from high school who cannot read or do simple math?

Look what he said in the very first bullet point: "I look forward to consulting with the constituents of Riding Mountain"

Is that the consulting he provided to our subscriber?

Here is a link to his questions and answers during the 2019 election:

You really should read his comments in 2019, they are even more gratuitous than his promises in 2016.


I asked for your help! And this is what I am asking you to consider.

Let's make Mr. Gregg Nesbitt (MLA) understand that he works for "We The People", and that we will not forget this come voting time, believe me...if thousands of our subscribers from everywhere out there, write his office and complain about this impudent behaviour, they will listen.

So remember, to be polite and professional in your letters and emails, and phone calls and faxes. But make sure this "Public Servant" hears from the Public he is supposed to be serving. Let's keep this totally professional, peaceful, safe and legal. You have a right to be heard, but in a respectful and peaceful manner.

I suggest traditional postal mail and if you can, send it registered, but certainly email or phone calls to his office are good to!

Also, please feel free to share this post far and wide, there is a share button that you can use to post it on your social medial platforms, also, be creative, print this post and pass it on, you can post it on community bulletin boards, send it to the local paper, drop if off with your neighbours and friends.

It is your right to. be heard!!!

Here is Mr. Nesbitt's contact information:

Hon. Greg Nesbitt Riding Mountain

Minister of Natural Resources and Northern Development PC Email:


Room 330 Legislative Building 450 Broadway Winnipeg, MB R3C 0V8 Phone: (204) 945-4760

Constituency Office:

7-515 4th Avenue, Box 100 Shoal Lake, MB R0J 1Z0 Phone: (204) 759-3313 Fax: (204) 759-3254 Toll Free: (844) 877-7767 Email:

If you do not Stand Up against this now, I ask you.... When will you??

In our next post we will be asking you to let Ms. Stefhanson (Premier) know what we think about getting hung up on!...stay tuned!!


Can You Make a Difference?

In 2019 here were the election results:

Riding Mountain

Mr. Nesbitt received 6,126 votes out of a total number of votes cast of 9,340 votes.

So Mr. Nesbitt received around 66% of the votes cast

BUT there were a total of 16,761 Registered Voters

So Mr. Nesbitt only received 37% of the eligible vote

If we can wake up some of these non voters, we can make a change.

This must be done on a grass roots level, let them know what we know, and that we are ready to wake up.

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