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WE NEED YOUR HELP - June 5 2022

Give Them A Clear Message:

We Know What they Did and We Want Justice

So, let me get this straight!

Despite receiving hundreds of copies of "The Investigation Into Criminal Allegations Concerning Covid 19 Pandemic", so far the Canadian Police establishment has refused to act.

This despite the irrefutable evidence of wrong doing contained in the report,

..... so what is going on here.

Let us take a moment and review what the RCMP themselves say about their role in Canada:

  • Act with integrity: We conduct ourselves ethically, and do so with honesty, dignity, and honour.

  • Show respect: We treat all people with fairness. We value and promote reconciliation, diversity and inclusion by being considerate of the democratic rights, history and lived experiences of others.

  • Demonstrate compassion: We care for each other and the communities we serve by approaching each situation with empathy and a genuine desire to help.

  • Take responsibility: We are transparent about our decisions and actions and hold ourselves accountable for the results and impacts.

  • Serve with excellence: We commit to continuous learning, and work collaboratively with colleagues, communities, and partners to provide and support innovative and professional policing services.

Did you know that the RCMP is currently investigating allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine.

Yes, you read this correctly, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is currently investigating alleged crimes in Ukraine.


Now we do not want to be misunderstood, any alleged crimes going on in the Ukraine should be evaluated, but should the concerns of the Canadian Citizens be ignored?

In some precincts, our members have reported less than welcoming receptions from the RCMP. Yes that is right Canadian Citizens honestly reporting alleged crimes not being welcomed by the RCMP.

So....We want to send the RCMP Commissioner a Message, that we will not be silent, that we will not go quietly into the night.

This is what we are asking from every Patriot Subscriber:

  1. Download and Print a Copy of the Report

  2. Download and Print and Attach a copy of the original Cover Letter

  3. Include a note from yourself, asking the RCMP for an update on the investigation that they have underway on these serious allegations.

  4. Address the letter to:

RCMP National Headquarters

Headquarters Building

73 Leikin Drive

Ottawa ON K1A 0R2

Attention: Brenda Lucki, Commissioner

We have already done the heavy lifting on this, and we now need your help, we need Ms. Lucki to received thousands and thousands of copies of the report.

The RCMP state on their website that will not accept emailed reports of crime, so we should be sending Hard Copy reports.

Let us know by posting your comments here when you send in your report to the RCMP and let us know what response you receive.

Citizens for Truth

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Candace Willis
Candace Willis
Jun 06, 2022

Ready to go out in the mail June 7/22


Moira Drosdovech
Moira Drosdovech
Jun 06, 2022

What if we are not from Manitoba?


Jun 05, 2022

I will be doing this as soon as I can…. And I will share with friends and encourage them to do the same…. Thank you for doing what you do… the truth has to get out

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