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What That Means Is.....Episode Two: "Chances Are"

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Episode Two, of Rosalie and Chris' investigative video is now online!

Episode Two, Season One: "Chances Are"

This is the second in a multi part weekly podcast which does a deep dive into the Investigative Report. Each week we will present a new instalment in the multi part series of videos.

Episode Two "Chances Are" starts to explore the actual chances of mortality in various age groups and compares the historical odds of death to the odds of death due to C 19. Shocking Results, you do not want to miss this one.

Each video will be between 15 and 20 minutes long, and will explain the key elements of the 89 page report in simple to understand language, as brought to you by a variety of hosts and guest speakers.

These series of videos are crucial to your understanding of what happened, according to the actual statistics as published by Statistics Canada. We welcome your feed back and comments. You can download your free copy of the report from: www.the You can contact us at:

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