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What That Means is "Moms & Babies"

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Episode 4 of our Weekly Webcast "What That Means Is" is available now!

In Episode 4 Rosalie and Chris reveal the startling truth about C19, VAXX and Babies.

Update: November 24, 2022: "This Episode Banned from YouTube!"

Links are Updated! Available on the Site and others!

This week's instalment of "What That Means Is" is titled:

"Moms & Babies"

Rosalie and Chris, dive into a detailed explanation of what the Government of Canada's own statistics tell us about C19 and Moms and Babies. Be ready to be shocked!

They also examine what clinical testing was done to determine the safety of the V on Pregnant Mothers, their unborn children, and review the C19 Risks to women of child bearing ages. You will. be shocked at the truth, which has been kept from you.

Make sure you know what they did, get your copy of the report, from our website, and follow along with Chris and Rosalie. Make sure you know!

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