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What That means Is: S1 EP 11 "NO SOUP FOR YOU"

Episode 11, Season One: "NO SOUP FOR YOU"

This episode discusses the forced closure of businesses.


What is the NIH now saying?

In this week's episode, Rosalie, Chris and Ken discuss how the Government designated certain businesses as crucial and how other businesses were closed down.

How churches were closed and liquor stores were open.

How small locally owned corner stores were shut down and forced out of business, while giant multi national box stores remained open.

What did the Canadian Influenza Pandemic Plan say about these forced closures.

Do you remember how small parts of stores or even whole aisles were blocked off and designated as not critical.

This episode is taken from page 78 of The Investigative Report


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Jan 03, 2023

Will and Val are another inspirational couple in this arena:

Looking forward to the closing episodes in this real time murder mystery.


Ken Drysdale
Ken Drysdale
Jan 03, 2023


It seems all social norms are under attach by people, our institutions and corporations. It seems like our values and principals, that took millennia to evolve, no longer guide our ethics.

What is happening?

How can this be happening?

How could this have changed so drastically and so fast?

Where are the leaders of the churches?

Why are we allowing minority opinion to dominate the narative to this extent?

How did dessension become the norm?

How far will we fall before common sense will prevail?

Is it not perverse to question the roll of the sexes and act out intentional attacks on the accepted norms? How can institutions promote these changes in the name of diversity?



Ken Drysdale
Ken Drysdale
Jan 03, 2023

The control measures during lockdown were neither sensible nor rational. That fact was clear at the time. Since, the government has made no attempt to try to explain its policies, nor will it do so.

The measures were purposefully selected to be haphazard, contradictory, temperamental and quixotic for the simple reason that the government wished to determine how compliant the population would be when subject to restrictions of their fundamental rights and freedoms, even when those impositions were manifestly inconsistent and contrary to basic good sense.

In short, it was an exercise in obedience training that provided the government with results that must have been beyond their wildest expectation. The Canadian population were for the most part non-thinking automatons that…


Ken Drysdale
Ken Drysdale
Jan 03, 2023

Good new day of January first, the new year

Very encouraging new post Ken. Very good. Inspirational. Enjoyed the read. This shall be forwarded. The reminder that all of us can be part of something so monumental. This is what some of us lack - directional involvement.

Very much enjoyed the part about that 'they' know that they are losing, and that the citizenry, us, are winning. I believe this so to be true. As the post said - we-the-people have come a long way in such a short time. This too, is so true. This is evidenced by your involvement and work. Thank you for your undertaking this analysis.

Very happy to have read this post.…

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