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Where Oh Where Can We Be?

If you are a regular follower of this blog, you may have asked yourself the question, where are our regular blog posts? And where are our regular (weekly) posts of new episodes of our webcast "What That Means Is". Well I have to say that both Rosalie and I are sorry we have not been more diligent at keeping you informed.

Given the madness that has recently taken over the World, you may well have been justified in thinking we had been arrested, or maybe abducted by aliens or maybe just disappeared, but you would have been wrong.

Or, perhaps you thought I had just gotten a little lazy, or was on vacation, wrong again, my friend, how dare you think that I would have gone on vacation and left you alone, shame on you for thinking such a thing.

So where are my ongoing posts and where the heck have I been, ... well I will tell you.

Have you ever heard of the National Citizens Inquiry? (NCI)

Well, you have heard of it now!

The National Citizen’s Inquiry (NCI) is a citizen-led and citizen-funded initiative that is completely independent from government. The NCI has been travelling across Canada for 6 weeks now, stopping in 8 cities from coast to coast. At each city the NCI is holding three day hearings and have been hearing from Canadians and experts and is investigating governments’ COVID-19 policies in a fair and impartial manner.

The NCI’s purpose is to listen, to learn, and to recommend. What went right? What went wrong? How can Canadians and our governments better react to national crises in the future in a manner that balances the interests of all members of our society

As of this date, the NCI has completed hearings in Truro, Nova Scotia; Toronto, Ontario; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; and Red Deer, Alberta. Next week May 2, 2023 the NCI is in Vancouver, British Columbia, the following week in Quebec City Quebec, and finally the week after ending in Ottawa, Ontario.

Each day the hearings commence at 9:00 am and run till around 7:00 pm. The hearings are broadcast live on most major social media platforms (except when censored).

You can also watch the hearings live and watch archived videos on the NCI website:


So...what has that got to do with my MIA status, well I was appointed as one of the four independent commissioners to the NCI.

So, for the past 5 weeks I have been travelling from City to City from Coast to Coast in Canada, hearing from Canadians from all walks of life. They have been telling us their stories and we have been hearing from dozens of experts in all manner of fields of study including medicine, science, statistics, economics, emergency planning, faith, business, law, military, and many many more.

Witnesses were selected from the thousands of Canadians, who applied from the NCI website. They are able to tell their stories, and they are questioned by legal council, and finally the commissioners ask them questions.

All of these hearings are video recorded, broadcast live, and are archived on various public media platforms, and are available online free of coast to the public.

Once all public hearings are completed, the four commissioners are tasked with preparing a detailed report which discusses the process and the hearings in detail, and makes recommendations. This report will be made available to everyone, free of charge.


So I hope you can see with this incredibly busy travel and hearing schedule, that I have simply not been able to get the weekly webcasts and various blog posts done. I am doing my best and hope to be able to get the first episode of Rosalie's new webcast "Setting the Stage" out May 7, 2023. So stay tuned for that.

I am currently in Edmonton, working on a tablet computer, faithfully trying to get this post out to you, and working on this Surface Tablet is not that easy for a Mac guy. But these are the sacrifices I make for you. :)

In any case If you have not yet heard of the NCI or if you have not yet heard or watched the hearings, I urge you to take the time to watch just one day of hearings. The link to the NCI website is given previously.

This is a uniquely Canadian endeavour and has never before been done in the World.

I can guarantee to you, watching a full day of hearings and testimony will change you forever. You cannot pass up this unique experience, it is being done for you, your children and your grand children.

Tune In, Donate, Come out to a Live Hearing, spread the word. This is the start of something revolutionary.



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