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Which is More Deadly? Firearms Or Vaxx

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

You might be surprised at what we have discovered over at Statistics Canada!

Here is our new infographic sheet that takes a look at the number of Firearm Related Homicide Deaths In Canada in 2020 compared to the Number of Deaths being reported as a side affect of the C19 Vaxx.

Hmmm... so the number of Deaths reported due to Vaxx side effects are more that the number of Homicide Deaths related to Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, and Automatic Weapons combined. (Automatic Weapons have been illegal to own in Canada since 1977)

Did you know that 43% of all firearms related homicides in Canada are associated with Gangs, and Organized Crime. According to Police, the Gangs are using illegally obtained weapons, and weapons that are already banned in Canada since 1977.

This post is not about Gun Control! We have not taken a position on this Issue.

We are merely making you aware of what the ACTUAL STATISTICS are, so that you have a perspective on what they are telling you. As usual, the numbers speak for themselves, and we believe that since you are an adult you should be able to make your own INFORMED decision on any issue.


Download your PDF Copy of this Infographic Sheet Below (FREE)

Gun Safety vs Vaccine Safety June 7 2022
Download PDF • 6.26MB

Check out the numbers for yourself

The links for the Statistics Canada Original Information are shown in the document.

if you download the PDF from our Home Page Download Centre, the links will be active.

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