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Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Theresa Tam is Canada's Chief Public Health Officer, and for the past three years, she told you how to think, where you could go, what you could do. She told you whether or not you could have job, go to school, visit sick and dying parents and friends, ... and for many she even told them when to die!

Click on the image above to go to. our Webcast page and watch the entire video. Also on our webcast page you have the option of watching the video on Rumble or Bitchute. We remind you that we do not support Youtube due to their censorship policies.

Hear her describe, in her own words, what she had planned to do with you and your family. (Video clip from the National Film Board included)

She came into your home, your life, and turned it upside down.

She muzzled you, she masked your kids, she stole three years of your life, she prevented you from saying goodbye to loved ones. She destroyed your finances, your family and community.

Now she wants your kids! We have included a video clip she made and broadcast at Christmas 2022 targeted at your children...this despite the knowledge that the Vxx was not required for kids and was hurting, perhaps killing them!

So, we ask these legitimate questions, who is this person, where did she come from, what is her training. Has she ever treated patients?

What are her qualifications to act like God.

You will be shocked at what you find out in this video and by what you will not find out!

  • When did she join the Civil Service?

  • How Long Did She Practise medicine before becoming the Top Doctor in Canada.

  • What was her area of Specialization in Medical School?

  • Any Conflicts of Interest?

  • Are there any records of what her plans for Canadians prior to 2020?

  • Where did she practise medicine?

As usual, you decide, you do your own research, make up your own mind.

Each video will be between 15 and 20 minutes long, and will explain the key elements of the 89 page report in simple to understand language, as brought to you by a variety of hosts and guest speakers.

You can download your free copy of the report from:

You can contact us at:


Let the World know what YOU think! Write a comment directly on this Blog Post, or you can send you comments directly to me by clicking the button below and sending me an email!


Don't Click Away Yet...this is important

I have a question!

Would you like me to do a show about the Qualifications of the Provincial Chief Medical Officers, that were in place during the C19 Crisis?

Would you like to know who was "On Your Team"?

You will be amazed at what they wrote on their websites and what the real qualifications are!! It is unbelievable!!

Answer the poll below, it is anonymous by the way.

Do You Want Me To Tell You About Each Provincial Health Officer's Credentials?

  • Yes I Want to Know About Drs!

  • No I Trust My Government!


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Mar 22, 2023

We need the truth to be exposed to the liars and followers and justice to prevail no matter how long it takes. Had it not been for those heroic truckers, this country may have been lost to the Globalists by now and we would all be their slaves and prisoners. Please enlighten as many people about the digital currency and ID's the WEF puppets plan to control us with next.


Mar 21, 2023

There are 92,173 physicians in Canada and Tam was the best we could do? Yet another failure by Trudeau et al


Mar 21, 2023



Richard Murray
Richard Murray
Mar 21, 2023

I believe that this person that suffers from gender disforia is a CCP plant placed by are criminister to further advance his totalitarian dictatorship. He she they or them should be charged with conspiracy to commit mass murder, pushing a false narrative that damaged, harmed, mamed and killed thousands of Canadian. This does not even start on the full extent of the damage they have inflicted upon Canadian.


Colleen Peric
Colleen Peric
Mar 20, 2023

I would like to know about our medical leaders

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