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Your Next Trip to the Buffet! Taking Bites out of Democracy: Our Policy Statements Unveiled! Post #2

Last week, we embarked on a journey to unravel the core of Manitoba Stronger Together's Policy Statements for the upcoming provincial election. As promised, we're excited to bring you the next installment of this series, delving into even more critical aspects of our vision for a better Manitoba.

Our Policy Statements are the heart of our mission, providing a comprehensive roadmap for positive change in our province.

Each statement represents our commitment to address the pressing issues that matter most to Manitobans. From healthcare to education, from sustainable development to justice reform, we've meticulously outlined our priorities to create a stronger, more prosperous Manitoba for all.

In this second part of our series, we're going to continue breaking down our Policy Statements, dissecting them into easily digestible sections that allow you to grasp the details and nuances of our proposals.

We understand that the entire document can be quite extensive, so our goal is to make it more manageable for you to comprehend. We believe that informed citizens can drive meaningful change, and that starts with a clear understanding of our policies.

Stay tuned as we unpack our Policy Statements further, section by section, over the upcoming weeks. We encourage you to read, share, and discuss these statements with your peers, family, and friends.

By understanding our policies, you become a crucial part of the conversation, asking your elected representatives to stand behind our vision for a brighter Manitoba.

Your engagement matters, and together, we can build a stronger province. Watch out for our next post, and remember, your voice is the catalyst for change.

Stay strong, Manitoba! Warm regards, Manitoba Stronger Together


Forging Our Path to a Stronger Manitoba Manitoba Stronger Together's Policy Platform for the 2023 Provincial Election


2. Responsible Environment and a Vibrant Economy

At Manitoba Stronger Together, we uphold a distinctive perspective on responsible development. We believe it goes beyond the superficial endorsement of the latest "green technology" trends promoted by media or special interest groups.

Instead we see responsible development as a comprehensive approach to building industries that actively mitigate environmental impact while fostering self-sustaining growth within our province.

Do you remember when Manitobans mined, we launched rockets into space, and made manufactured products which we sold to the World. We can do it again! Our vision embraces the responsible usage of Manitoba's abundant natural resources, expertise, labor force, markets, and the strategic utilization of the Northern Port to promote global trade.

This encompasses our vast hydroelectric potential, petroleum reserves, mineral reserves, flourishing agricultural sector, and a dedicated, well-trained workforce. True responsible development empowers Manitoba to thrive, independently and resiliently, without blindly following external trends. We aim to embrace the authentic essence of our province's strengths.

Policy Objectives:

Balanced Resource Utilization: We commit to responsibly leveraging Manitoba's diverse natural resources. Our policy encourages the development of industries that strike a harmonious balance between economic growth and environmental preservation. By promoting innovation and efficient resource management we aim to minimize environmental impact while driving economic prosperity.

  1. Local Economic Empowerment: Our policy prioritizes the empowerment of local communities through true responsible development. We will foster economic resilience and self sufficiency by supporting initiatives that harness local expertise, labor, and markets. We believe that by nurturing our province's inherent strengths we can achieve long-term economic stability and prosperity for all Manitobans.

  2. Northern Port Advancement: We advocate for strategic investments in the Manitoba Northern Port by unlocking its potential to facilitate seamless global trade. By enhancing infrastructure and connectivity we can efficiently export our goods to the world, expanding market access, and boost Manitoba's economic competitiveness.

  3. Investment in Energy Production: Recognizing Manitoba's almost unlimited hydro power potential, our policy encourages investments in energy projects. We aim to maximize practical clean energy production while supporting and promoting traditional energy industries.

  4. Supporting Local Industries: We will actively support and nurture local industries that contribute to responsible development in Manitoba. By promoting value-added processing of raw materials, fostering innovation, and encouraging diversification, we can create a robust and resilient economic landscape.

  5. Educational Focus on Real Sustainability: Our policy emphasizes integrating real sustainability education into school curricula. By fostering a generation of environmentally conscious citizens, we can empower future leaders to make informed decisions for the long- term benefit of our province.

  6. Collaboration and Partnerships: We recognize that real responsible development requires collaboration between government, industry, and communities. Our policy encourages public-private partnerships and stakeholder engagement to drive effective and inclusive responsible development strategies.

In conclusion, Manitoba Stronger Together's policy on responsible development reflects our commitment to empowering Manitoba's resilient future. By embracing the true essence of responsible development, we can leverage our unique assets and strengths to build a prosperous and self-sustaining province. Through responsible resource utilization, local empowerment, decision making and strategic development, we envision a vibrant and thriving Manitoba. That is driven by innovation and environmental stewardship. Together we will build a legacy of responsible prosperity for generations to come.


In the spirit of fostering informed and engaged citizens, we're excited to announce that we'll be serving up our Policy Statements one at a time.

Our goal is simple: we want to provide you, the people of Manitoba, with the detailed information you need to consider these statements thoughtfully. Armed with these insights, you can then approach your elected representatives and candidates and ask them the crucial question:

Do you support these policy statements, and are you willing to stand with the thousands of Manitobans who are part of our growing movement?

As we unveil each section, we encourage you to delve in, reflect, and reach out to your candidates. Ask them where they stand on the issues that matter most to you, your family, and your community. The collective voice of Manitobans is powerful, and by engaging with your representatives, you're shaping the direction of our province.

But we can't do it alone. We need your help to spread the word far and wide. Share this blog post with your candidates, family, friends, and social media groups. Let's ignite the conversation, spark dialogue, and ensure that the voices of Manitobans are heard loud and clear.

So, as we dive into these Policy Statements, remember that you're not just reading about our vision for Manitoba – you're actively contributing to it. Let's hold our representatives accountable, engage in meaningful discussions, and work together for a brighter future. Thank you for being part of Manitoba Stronger Together!

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