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Crime And Punishment & The Future

I have been thinking about the great novel Crime and Punishment lately..... Yes, I do mean the novel by Dostoevsky.........What is that all about?

Do you remember the book?

The novel examines the internal emotional and ethical struggles of a man who commits the murder of an old woman, in order to get her money and other things.

Before the crime he justifies the murder by telling himself that he is doing it for a noble cause, and that with the money he steals, he will do great things and he will go on to perform great deeds.

He convinces himself that certain crimes are justifiable if they are committed in order to remove obstacles to the higher goals of 'extraordinary' men.

Once the deed is done, however, he finds himself racked with confusion, paranoia, and disgust. His theoretical justifications lose all their power as he struggles with guilt and horror and confronts both the internal and external consequences of his deed.


Why am I reminding you of this old and dusty novel?

Over the course of the last few days and weeks, there has been much discussion about amnesty for the perpetrators of the C19 Genocide.

Many folks are inclined to say, Yes, Yes, let's let bygones be bygones.....let's move on!

I myself wrote a blog post on it, if you have not read that post, click on the image below to read it now:

You like me, must be asking the question, why are we suddenly talking about Amnesty for the perpetrators of the C19 Genocide?

The answer is simple, it is because the tide has turned. Information is starting to flow freely, slowly, ever so slowly the information about the crime of all time is starting to get out into the main steam, people are waking up, and they are horrified at what they are seeing around them.

People from all over the World are asking Why this happened, and Who are responsible.

Major countries, all over the World, are beginning to wake up and reverse course.

Millions of people have taken to the streets, in what is, incredibly, peaceful protest.

So where has this discussion about Amnesty come from?

From the perpetrators of this Genocide. The very people, organizations etc., who have committed this genocide, they are initiating a discussion on Amnesty in order to plant this seed, and save their necks.

These people have carefully infiltrated every public forum and are constantly planting seeds into the public discussion. They have thousands and thousands of willing collaborators, and unfortunately they have millions of people who simply fall for their messages and feed their narrative. How many examples of this can you think of?

Unlike in Dostoevsky's novel, these fiends are not struggling with their ethical and moral souls, they are trying to simply save their own necks. For the instigators, there must be justice, there must be an accounting, and the people of the World have to be witness to this justice.

In my opinion, the instigators, the leaders, did not convince themselves to commit a crime in order to attain a higher, it was as simple as greed and power. They must be dealt with, and we must make due consideration for their vile and perverted motives.

I remind you all that this global catastrophe was achieved with many many willing collaborators, and these tentacles of evil stretch into and have infected every aspect of our society, every institution, every profession and every family and household around the Globe.

Like any infection, all parts of it must be removed in order to return the body to long lasting health and vitality. If even a small part of an infection is left in place, it will slowly fester and soon the health of the whole body will be under attack.


Now before we go too much further into this topic, I point out that the subject is enormous, and ideally must be undertaken with a much more extensive discussion than what is possible in a Blog Post. BUT despite the limitations of this BLOG, I am presenting some ideas with the intent of initiating a more considered and widespread public debate. So as you read these short ramblings keep in mind that the intent or purpose of this Blog Post to serve as a seed for further discussion and debate.


What am I saying?

Identifying and bringing to justice ONLY the main perpetrators of this crime, will not protect us from reoccurrence.

We must root out all of them.

Right to the last of them.

If not, this will come back on us again!

In the past, we have had show trials, and made agreements about how this could never be allowed to happen again. Scapegoats were identified, and sacrificed, the elites wrote high minded documents, the World agreed, and we all sighed a sigh of relief confident it would never happen again..........

And then, in the darkness of night, as we all toiled to reconstruct and reconcile, they hired, promoted, protected and exalted the evil ones that had actually on a day to day basis carried out the crimes. There were thousands and thousands of them. In Canada alone, it is estimated that between 2,000 and 5,000 war criminals took up residence, following WWII. Some were hiding out under false identities, others were brought here by various Government agencies.

I am not saying that these Nazi's caused the current crisis, I am merely pointing out that this evil was allowed to continue among us, and this cannot be allowed to happen this time.

They got into positions of power and influence, they got into our government, into our universities, into our schools, they used their ill gotten and stolen riches to purchase our businesses, our newspapers.....they have infiltrated and taken over much of our society...and now what do we have.........

It was not just people, but corporations, organizations and institutions which were also guilty of the crimes. Fascism is the melding or coming together of totalitarian government and big business. Ask yourself, what are you seeing around you.

Do you not see the totalitarian control of the central and Worldwide Governments?

They are censoring your thoughts, they are taking away your ability to protect your family, they are monitoring your movements, they are threatening to freeze your assets, and fire you from your job.

Do you not see the eager and whole hearted consolidation of power to the large multinational corporations, and their unprecedented forays into public and private lives of citizens. They are threatening to cut off your ability to do business, they are threatening your job, and your ability to buy or sell, and they are controlling the supply and cost of goods on an unprecedented scale.

They are censoring free speech.

These organizations have monopolized, and consolidated to such an extent that they control many aspects of our world, you no longer have a choice, and they are recently starting to wield their enormous power down to the level of the individual citizen, who they "cancel".

Imagine finding out that your bank has cut off your accounts, since they disagree with your political positions on a topic?

What have you seen, these past two years??

We are right back to where we were before:

  • Mass Genocide Worldwide

  • Eugenics Programs

  • Mass Abortion of our Children

  • Lies and Manipulation on an Unprecedented Level

  • Forced Medical Procedures

  • Human Experiments on an unheard of scale and scope

  • Cancelling of Human Rights

  • Fixed Elections

  • Daily Threat of Nuclear War

  • Food Shortages

  • Fuel Shortages

  • Monitoring of Your Comings and Goings

  • Children being taken by the State

  • Mass Censorship

  • State Stoking of Hatred and Racism

  • Digital ID

  • Digital Currency

  • State Run, Funded Media

  • Canada has actually implemented a program to murder it's most vulnerable (MAID)

This list goes on and on .......

You see we are now back to where we have been so many times, because we the people did not have the will to bring all of those responsible to justice and to put in place real and long lasting safeguards.

Not just paper guarantees!

I see so many people talking about "The Nuremberg Code" or the "Charter" or the "Magna Carta" or a number of other apparently worthless pieces of paper.

These "guarantees" are only as strong as the will of the people to fight for them.

It always reminds me of that fool Neville Chamberlain coming back from a conference in Munich in 1938 waving another worthless piece of paper declaring "We would have piece in our time". Less than a year later....World War II.

For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, here is a clip, you can click on the image and watch the video on Youtube:





So What Do We Do?

We must leave no stone unturned in our quest for Justice.

The tall and the small must be brought to Justice.

Of course Justice requires:

  • establishing and identifying a list of crimes;

  • an investigation;

  • evaluation of the evidence;

  • a decision to pursue or not pursue charges;

  • a trial;

  • a consequence or penalty stage;

  • reparations;

  • longterm strategies to prevent reoccurrence.

We have never before undertaken such an enormous, and important task as a society, and the World.

This process seems to be obvious for the lead instigators of this genocide. We all can imagine the process taking place at the upper echelons of the group of people who instigated and directed this.....but it cannot stop there.

Those people that participated in the process right down to the individual people who stuck needles in arms, or preyed on the fears of expectant mothers to force them to take an experimental therapy that had not been tested, and did not make fundamental sense.

Those people that were in a special position of trust with the public, and who ignored all of the responsibility that went along with that special position of trust.

Those people that were obligated to act to protect the public, but did nothing.

Those people that forced children to wear masks and stay home.

Those people that denied treatment to certain groups of our society, despite knowing that the narrative and basis for that refusal was false.

Those people who "followed illegal orders" and suppressed our constitutional rights.

Those people that canceled those of us who stood up and called out the lies.

Those institutions, and people that discriminated against an identifiable group of people and even promoted violence against them.

Those companies that also discriminated or blackmailed customers, and employees into experiment medial treatments.

Those people that took government bribe money in exchange for them promoting and proliferating the lies, and forcing their own people to violate their beliefs.

All of them, right down to the willing enablers.

Of course Justice requires a process and a result that fits the crime and serves to improve the future of our entire society. Punishment alone is not a productive outcome for real and lasting Justice.

There must be a system of ethics and fundamental human rights training as well as requirements for community service that are put into place as part of the penalty outcomes from our Justice System.

Due to the enormity of the task, and the sheer numbers of cooperators and perpetrators, we must use our existing Justice System, as well as establish smaller community based Justice Tribunals that are tasked with identifying, investigating and forwarding recommendations to the existing system.

Unfortunately our existing Justice system is also infected with the same corruption that has infected all of society. But we do need these existing systems to carry out these detailed and enormous tasks. So these existing systems must be put under the direct supervision of citizen review committees. The purpose of the committees is to provide direct oversight to the existing Justice system to ensure that Justice is carried out and that it is carried out in the full light of public transparency.

I am not talking about the existing failed civilian overview systems that have failed to do their jobs. these political appointees are generally lackeys of the ruling class that appointed them.

Public overview must also be put into place on ALL professional societies and organizations that are involved with the administration and the regulation of our fundamental institutions.

The public must be informed, and there must be a constant and unbiased reporting of these proceedings. A free and unbiased media is one of the cornerstones of a healthy democracy.

Unfortunately the current media / press is anything but free and unbiased. This is largely due to the monopolization that has been allowed to occur in this and many other sectors. You think you are watching unbiased reporting, and you think you are watching multiple sources of reporting, while in reality all of the sources are owned and controlled by a single corporate entity. And in the case of Canada, entities that are being financially supported by Government monies.

How many newspaper or news organizations in Canada are truly independent?

This same thing has happened in all aspects of our corporate world.

ALL of these illegal monopolies have to be broken up, they in no way serve the public good, and they permit unelected and unaccountable entities to dictate to citizens by threat of cancellation.

This is not unprecedented, in many times over the past 150 years, governments have taken steps to break apart huge monopolies.

We must also put in place mechanisms to insure that laws are being applied in an even and consistent basis, in all aspects of our society. There can be no more special interest exemptions in law, there can be no more corporate lobbies and financial coercion. The law must be the same regardless of your position in life or any other consideration of special classes of citizens.

Finally we must institute longterm programs of eduction, which will instil in our citizens a full and open understanding of what happened, who were responsible and how to identify and prevent these things from happening again.

These programs must be enshrined in the foundations of our educational system so that our future generations do not forget, and that they are equipped with the knowledge and confidence that will allow them to truly never permit this to happen in the future.

Once again, perhaps I have not done this topic justice here in a lowly Blog Post. It truly requires volumes to explore each aspect of the problems and solutions. Maybe, I will start the process of writing those volumes at some point....although there are people with more skill than I who would do a better job.

My hope is that you start to consider these questions, and that this initiates a broader discussion and debate of how we should be going forward.

Thank you for your trust and attention


As usual, I welcome your comments and remarks. You can actually post any comments you have directly at the bottom of this post, or you can email them to me directly.




Should I Write More About This Topic?

  • Continue to Write About This

  • Lets Move On!

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Jan 28, 2023

Thank You Ken for all the information and all you do. We are in a mess and hard to know where to start, people need to pay for there crimes or we will never get out of this and it will just continue to happen over again. Continue the journey.


Jan 09, 2023

Ken, thank you for the straight goods on what's happening. The medical damage won't be totally realized for years. However, the accountability process is critical to make sure more of the same is not an ongoing or future in Canada, as you stated.


Contact Website
Contact Website
Dec 05, 2022

Hello Ken,

As I am preparing for my opportunity to interview this week on Thursday, I read your Essay on Crime, Punishment & the Future.

My comments are that I am 100% in agreement with everything you wrote. It is very well written and it makes logical sense.

I believe in forgiveness, but I also believe that if someone commits a crime they must do the time because they cannot be trusted with freedom. They will do it again if they are not held fully accountable for their harmful actions.

I agree 100% that Justice is not undertaken out of vengeance, but out of love and respect and to protect our loved ones from further crimes and tyranny.

The World…


Frances A. Pulscher
Frances A. Pulscher
Dec 05, 2022

No Amnesty! They have done far too much damage and killed so many.


Dec 04, 2022

Wow keep up the great work! It’s unfortunate so many just do not see what is going on around them. I think this is the biggest obstacle to overcome. It is reassuring however that there are so many organizations here in Canada and worldwide who are making a difference every single day.

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