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Gun Control and V Safety FACTS

Following my live interview with Shawn from the Alberta Prosperity Project, many folks have been asking me about the comment I made comparing V safety with Gun Related Murders in Canada. There is a link on my website and you can download the actual information sheet I created on there, along with the links to the statistics on the Government's Own Websites.

Below is a copy of that information sheet, if you click on the image below, you will download a PDF of the sheet.


So, do you think the politicians and MSM have been honest with you on this issue?

Need more information?

Take a look at the table below, it is taken from page 37 of the Investigative Report.

The table below is the list of all deaths and causes listed by Statistics Canada for 2020.

Want a little perspective here:

  • 276 Total Homicides In Canada in 2020 related to firearms, 43% Professional Hits or Gangs

  • 396 Total Homicides In Canada in 2020

  • 3,839 Total Suicides

  • 15,488 Total Accidental Deaths

  • 4,060 Liver Issues Causing Death

  • 53,686 Deaths Related to Diseases of the Heart

  • 80,965 Deaths Due to Cancer

  • 64,432 Deaths Due to "Other Causes"....I wonder what these are?

Funny many of these deaths are due to lifestyle, the things you eat and drink.

I wonder how many deaths could be prevented by, say banning Soft Drinks. They contribute to a wide variety of lifestyle issues, like obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc., etc. And the deaths reported due to these lifestyle issues are orders of magnitude higher.

I am not suggesting we ban junk food, but........if you really wanted to cut down on unnecessary deaths, your efforts would be better spent addressing that issue, just by the numbers.

By the way, you know how they are telling you the firearm related homicide rate is Canada is rising significantly, and it is out of control? You only need to search for articles by say the CBC 🤢 and you will find plenty.

What is the truth?

Well, here is a screen capture from Statistics Canada Website. This table reports the numbers of homicides in Canada related to firearms over the past 20 years.

You can click on the above table to go to the actual Stats Canada Site.

This table breaks down the murders by gun type over a 20 year period, from 2000 to 2020.

Now when reading this table keep in mind that from 2000 to 2020 the Population of Canada increased by almost 7,000,000 (7 million people). So in order to compare the homicide rate from one year to the next you have to account for the increase in population.

This chart does this since there is a column that shows homicide rate per 100,000 population.

The first column is homicides with Handguns. Notice how the rate was 0.35 in 2000 and in 2020 it was 0.36, in 2019 it was 0.35? So there is no change for Handgun related homicide.

The second column is homicides with rifles and shotguns. Notice how the rate was 0.22 in 2000 and it is still 0.22 in 2020?

So the first two columns deal with Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns, which of course includes the "Assault Rifles" whatever those are. AND you see there has been no change in the rate of these homicides in over 20 years!

The third column is unknown firearms and it includes fully automatic weapons. But wait, these have been illegal in Canada since 1991. So these types of firearms are already illegal in Canada.

The fourth column is for "Firearm Like Weapons", here they are talking about flare guns and nail guns. This has nothing to do with actual firearms.

So under the category of Handguns and Shotguns and Rifles, there has been NO increase in the rate of homicides carried out in Canada. There has been a numerical increase, but this increase exactly matches the increase in the population.

The only actual increases in murders were in the category of weapons that are already banned and illegal.


So, given all of this information, what do you think the agenda is?

Politicking to an Uninformed Urban Population or Something Else.

You decide, at least now you know the True Facts.


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Ken Drysdale
Ken Drysdale
Jan 16, 2023

Thanks for breaking it all down so it’s easily understood Ken !!

Keep doing what you’re doing SO well !



Contact Website
Contact Website
Jan 14, 2023

And if you look at narcotic toxicity death stats it becomes very apparent what the Libs are trying to hide.



Contact Website
Contact Website
Jan 12, 2023

Not surprised at all & can bet the actual V deaths are much higher than that!



Contact Website
Contact Website
Jan 11, 2023

They are not going to take our guns . they can try but they will loose.



Contact Website
Contact Website
Jan 11, 2023

Brilliant !! Well done.. and.. you know I'm going to share it. Thank you !!!


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