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I have had many questions from Subscribers about how they can find like minded folks and create a support group to help in their Save Canada efforts.

I am not an expert on this, but I can tell you what we have done!

My Recipe

The question of how to start your own support Patriot Group is an interesting one, and the same one we faced at the outset of this movement.

Just like the movement itself, we took a very basic and grassroots approach (one drop at a time)

Like many of you we live in a very small rural community almost an hour north of Winnipeg. We are also quite new to our present community, having built here 3 years ago. Although I hate to say it, we were not able to establish close connections within our local community, most people who are here, are not actually living here, they are summer dwellers and are not really interested in connections here.

So, we simply started with only two couples, ourselves and one other trusted couple (they lived in Winnipeg BTW) 45 minutes away

We decided to hold a dinner at our home, and each couple invited a few friends, the criteria was that you invited people with like beliefs, and the pitch to them was it was a dinner event for like minded folks, and anyone invited could invite others of like mind.

Everyone, who attended, pitched in and paid for their portion of the costs related to the event! (Food & Beverages)

The goal here was to invite like minded quality people, not just raw numbers of people!

This was at the peak of the medical apartheid time.

The invited folks mostly came from business associates or from church community. For us, on the first event there were around 15 couples who came, it was a light evening and more or less just getting to know each other, and some more substantive discussions came naturally.

Think about the connections you might have, business associates, members of your church, members of the local sports groups, we encourage you to, at least at first, to not include any political type leaders.

BTW we let everyone know to leave their cell phones and electronics at home.

So on that first event, out of the 15 couples or 30 people, my wife and I only knew probably 2 couples.

At the next event, those people who attended the first event, invited others, and the group grew a little more, at each event we have couples inviting new people.

My wife and I hosted the first two events, so as to get everyone more comfortable, and then other people started to host events in their homes. The entire usually meets every second month in this way.

It did not take long, but we made dozens of new connections. We found that all of the new folks are great and like minded, but we also found that within the overall group only a few would be actively participating in our investigative activities.

Everyone supported us, with smaller tasks, but we did develop from within our ranks a "hardcore" dedicated working group of 5. And even then many of those 5 have not been made known publicly in our efforts, since they are concerned for reprisals against their businesses.

Folks have volunteered their time to send reports, they have contributed funds to the costs of photocopies, postage etc., and most importantly they have contributed other connections with like minded people and people who are doing similar things, so the sphere of influence has expanded immensely.

We continue to meet as a whole group for dinner and talks and support, we just completed a BBQ type event at one members home, and my wife and I are hosting an outdoor BBQ event at our home in July ...

We vary the events, some are formal catered, some are themed, some are potluck, some are each meeting there is a lot of discussion, support, love and we normally update everyone as to what has happened, is happening and is planned.

You feel energized each time you meet with these Patriots, you get reminded that there are great people just like you that feel the same way and want to Free Canada!

There is always a short formal presentation by one of the core working group folks, or anyone else who needs the attention or help of the group.

Wednesday nights we have a working group Zoom meeting, and it is attended by outside folks as well, such as our local Police4Freedom rep, the Action4Canada rep and others from time to time.

We are involved in our local church, and find that after service, we have developed a large support group, which is constantly bringing new ideas and providing opportunities to us.

As an example, we found that there were local booking agents for many of the highly publicized alternative media groups in our own community who were willing to get our message out to the World.

I hope this helps anyone who is looking to get even more involved, with our movement.

God Bless and Protect Canada, Together We Will Prevail!

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Jun 27, 2022

Our " democracy " is not a real one and has never been so..We need to take back our country ( maybe one Province at a time ) and make anyone involved in Politics be licensed ( most jobs demand a licence ) in Economics and Business Management and NOT be allowed in Politics unless he/she has the appropriate training....


Slavica Vukmanovic
Slavica Vukmanovic
Jun 27, 2022

Excellent ideas and suggestions. I have a suggestion and message. We are freedom fighters because our government is corrupt and most governments of the world are corrupt. I have suggested that we need a new political system because we do not have a democracy. Those we vote for no longer represent us. I have suggested that we change from a representative democracy to a direct democracy where we the people have an active role of self-determination in our own governance and final decision making authority as collective head of state above the governments. I have used the direct democracy political system of Switzerland as an example. I have posted a couple of videos on my page and share with others…

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