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Memories of September 3, 2022

Do you remember where you were on September 3, 2022? I Remember!

I remember being with 1,000 patriots at the RCMP HQ in Winnipeg. It was a long weekend, in Winnipeg, in fact, it was not just any long weekend, it was Labour Day Long Weekend. For those of you not familiar with what the means ..... traditionally in Winnipeg over the Labour Day Long Weekend, the city is devoid of life, just like Monarch butterflies heading south for the winter, Winnipeg's citizens flock out to the lake for the last few days in the sun before winter.


This past September 3, at least 1,000 brave souls decided to put their last opportunity of sun and fun off for just a little while and join us at the RCMP HQ in Winnipeg.

Why would they do this you ask.

They did this, on behalf of all Canadians, to ask the Federal Police Force of Canada know, the ones you pay $273,900,000.00 dollars for annually, to carry out an investigation of credible allegations of criminal actions during the Government's handling of the Pandemic.

Our federal police agencies that are supposed to uphold the laws of Canada and protect our citizens, seem to be blissfully unaware of the many many allegations of wrong doing by our Governments.

I am told that opening a police investigation, does not mean that the parties or actions being investigated are actually guilty of anything, and that is the way it ought to be. However, if there is wide spread evidence of multiple crimes that have been perpetrated Nation Wide, and thousands of citizens are calling for an investigation, you would think that our National Police Force would, in the interest of all parties, undertake and investigation to either confirm the allegations or dispel them once and for all.

I have spoken to many retired police officers who assure me that this would be the procedure that they have followed during the course of their careers.



Here is a little bit of information you might not know about September 3, 2022, and the response of the RCMP.

One of our subscribers, who happens to the a retired police officer, was communicating, behind the scenes with his RCMP contacts about what the RCMP response to the Citizen Request for an Investigation would be.

This is a transcript of that conversation:

September 13 at approximately 8:30 am, A member of the RCMP contacted me by phone , after I had contacted them by phone to enquire about if they would be conducting an investigation in regards to the 89 page report we had given them,
Cpl J.Stuckless Badge # 54217, advised that per Superintendent Scott McMurchy,
"There will be no investigation."
I then asked what had happened to the dozens of reports that were left on the step at "D" Division, and Cpl. Stuckless informed me that they would be filing one copy for records and the others had been shredded.
That concluded this phone call. many people have the RCMP investigated who are in the Freedom Movement?

How many people have the RCMP arrested in the Freedom Movement?

How many people investigated by the RCMP in the Freedom Movement or arrested in the Freedom Movement have actually been convicted of a "major crime"?

How many people have the RCMP assaulted? Where are those investigations?

Do you think that the RCMP have investigated me?

Or You?

Ha Ha.....of course they have not "investigated" you....they changed the definition of what it means to be investigated. You see by substituting a new term for the word investigation and saying they are now monitoring "open source" information. They believe they can do all the investigations they want on us citizens, they just do not call it an investigation, that way they do not have to show "cause", or get a warrant.

Funny how so many definitions of things have been changed in the last few years!

Have you ever heard of the "Commission's Final Report into the RCMP's Response to Anti-shale Gas Protests in Kent County, New Brunswick"

If not, here is a link to the commissions findings:

This report was completed in 2020, do you think the RCMP actually implemented any of the recommendations?

Do you know when the Kent County Protests occurred? June to December 2013!

So it took 7 years to carry out an investigation and prepare a 54 page report.

For perspective, it took me two months and 168 hours of work to prepare the 89 page Investigative Report.

You should read the RCMP's response to the commission findings, and the RCMP's rejection of many of the findings of the commission.


Trampled by Horses

Hey, here is another one. Remember those RCMP officers whose "WhatsApp" communications were leaked during the protest? For those who do not remember here is a link:

I wonder if the RCMP have investigated the person who leaked this shocking messaging.

Here is the official statement concerning the matter by the RCMP from February 20, 2022:

So, has anyone out there seen the results of the investigation?

Almost a year later, has anyone followed up? Or did they just get a pass?

Did the CBC carry out any investigations on this?🤣

I do not remember, did any MP's bring this up in Parliament? Hmmmm.

If you do remember that, please let me know.

Maybe this investigation will take another 7 years to complete!


Rank and File

Now I could go on and on, but I would loose many of you, if I have not already.

I want to make a very clear statement here:

I am not in any way criticizing individual RCMP Members. You know the folks that have dedicated their lives to keeping Canadians safe. But I am criticizing the rotten structure, and administration of this corrupt paramilitary political force. It appears the management of the RCMP do not see themselves as serving the citizens, they serve their political masters in Ottawa.

My heart goes out to every single RCMP member, who sees what is going on, and sees the actions of the political appointees at the top, damaging the reputation of each and every dedicated member of the organization. How frustrating it must be to be ordered to stand down and turn away, when you have dedicated your life to running toward trouble.

If the actions of the administration of the RCMP continue to go unchallenged by the rank and file members, there will come a time when Canadians will not differentiate the two. There is no place in Canada for a paramilitary force whose leaders feel no obligation to the citizens of Canada, only political angling, suppression of Charter Rights and violations of the rule of law.

So once again the Canadian Citizen is left Behind!

They expect you to quietly sit in the dark and just watch what they are doing.

They expect to just continue on with the trampling of not only our Charter Rights and Freedoms, but also trampling elderly women with horses and then laughing about it.

My understanding is that the police officer on the horse was from the Toronto Police and not the RCMP.

Where is the outrage from the First Nations Communities over this, surely the image of a First Nations Member being trampled by an POLICE horse must have outraged someone in leadership there?

Funny how news reports from the MSM did not show up in my Google results.

Move along, Move along, nothing to see here!

Here is a link to a news story:


What To Do Now!

Keep up the pressure on them. Send out copies of our report to everyone you can imagine.

Media Outlets, MP's MLA's Senators, Media, Alternative Media, post about the report on social media and provide links. Send it to your minister, your doctor, your neighbour, everyone, everywhere, let them know you know. If you have any connections to alternate media sources or even sources from our southern neighbours, send them the get the word out. Spread the Truth far and wide, leave no stone unturned. I am always willing to meet with and explain the report to media sources.

Educate yourself, watch our webcast series "What That Means Is", which explains the report step by step in plain English.

Make sure they get hundreds of copies of the report, each and every one.

It is up to you to push and push and push.

Don't give up, do not despair, we will win this battle and we will win this war against evil.



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Contact Website
Contact Website
Jan 19, 2023

Not surprisingly we served many NOLs and filed information without any investigations occurring. No surprise as we know that most that has been mandated or enforced these last 3 years was not lawful. Our courts and systems are so very corrupt and have been for years.



Contact Website
Contact Website
Jan 18, 2023

police are fictional, real in movies getting the bad guy, not in a "democracy



Ken Drysdale
Ken Drysdale
Jan 15, 2023

I still can’t sleep at night sometimes knowing they just shredded and dumped all those reports we left in the trash. For Shame! A travesty what Trudeau has done to the rcmp


Ken Drysdale
Ken Drysdale
Jan 15, 2023
Replying to

Funny how the RCMP themselves pushed back on the Commission Findings, but did not push back on their own politicization!


Contact Website
Contact Website
Jan 15, 2023

You are not gonna get any sense out of anyone till they are off his payroll ,when a new government takes their place, hopefully soon as possible !!



Contact Website
Contact Website
Jan 13, 2023

Not surprised at all…..


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