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Mr. Bezan Working Hard for You!

Well, I have to say, I cannot make this stuff up. As you know, my Member of Parliament Mr. James Bezan, just loves to eat lobster, go to country fairs and rodeos, but does not want to meet with concerned constituents....You know the ones that pay his salary!

It is just too dangerous to meet with the folks of Manitoba

Well the amazing thing is, that when MP's Like Ted Falk are giving speeches defending Canadians, well Mr. Bezan is doing other really important things like:

You know you might say...Ken, let the guy alone, shouldn't he be able to support our football team?

To that I say, he has done nothing to support his constituents in CANADA. He gives speeches in parliament about other foreign lands, and we send hundreds of millions of dollars to foreign countries around the world, while Canadians are suffering.

Is he fighting for You, .... for Me, has he said one single thing in Parliament about the self inflicted energy crisis, while Western Canada contains the World's 2nd largest oil reserves?

I wonder, how long did it take to get all of these clowns together for this photo, take the photo, and then distribute it. Maybe instead of spending all of his time at Lobster Fest, and chasing around in a completely useless face mask, he might do something for his constituents.

And just what is it with that Stupid Face Mask, you know the one that does not work, according to every scientific study, including the ones by the CDC?

Hey, another thing, did these fools forget that the Magic Masks do not work, unless you are the science based 6 feet apart? I guess some back room handler forgot to tell them that when they were lining up for the photo...what a joke! What do they say? BAAAAHHHH.

Are we going to get mandates to wear them again? Are they going to lock us down again?

What do you think this fool will do for you, to protect your rights and freedoms, when he is already wearing a stupid mask.

Hey just come MP Ted Falk is not in the photo?

Maybe Ted is back in the office working for his constituents.

Maybe Ted Falk doesn't like Lobster?

Hey Mr. Bezan, maybe spend a little time with Mr. Falk and learn a thing or two.

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