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Updated: Jan 28, 2023

If you were not able to attend, and even if you did attend, you do not want to miss the official video of the September 3, 2022 gathering at the RCMP HQ in Winnipeg, where 1,000 Citizens of Winnipeg and Canada, game to the RCMP HQ to serve the Investigative report and demand a criminal investigation be undertaken.

Beautiful, Heart Warming, Proud to be a Canadian! You will not want to Miss This One.

Time Index for Speakers:

Opening Prayer: Sarah Klassen: 00:01.50

Keynote Address: Ken Drysdale: 00:04:58

RCMP Spokesperson: 00:26:41

Chris Riddell (Retired Police): 00:27:45

Tamara Woods (Stand United): 00:41:28

Shadoe Davis: 00:47:20

James Erskine (Former Police): 01:05:48

Former 911 Operator: 01:14:32

Closing Prayer: Ken Drysdale: 01:21:12

Delivery of the Reports: 01:23:00

Music Score

Amazing Grace: 01:23:00

The Lord is My Shepherd: 01:27:07

This Little Light: 01:31:03

Just a Closer Walk With Thee: 01:36:09


Transcript of Ken Drysdale's Keynote Speech to the Gathering

September 3, 2022, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Speech is on Video at Time Stamp: 00:04:58

Thank you, to every single one of you who have taken the time to be here today.

Thank you from every Canadian who looks forward to the future with eager anticipation, rather than trepidation.

Thank you for exercising your Section 2 Charter Rights, which includes, freedom of conscience and religion; freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication; freedom of peaceful assembly; and freedom of association.

Your Charter rights, like everything else in life, whither and die if you do not exercise them!

Thank you for giving me hope to pass on my dreams of a golden future to those who are yet to come.

You know, this country has seen wars before, but nothing like this one.

And at war we most certainly are.

But a war unlike any other!

Let me share a little family history concerning World War One

World War One started in Europe in the summer of 1914.

In 1915 my Grandfather and in 1916 my Great Grandfather answered the call.

When he signed up, my great grandfather was already almost 52 years of age, well past the age where he was allowed to sign up, but somehow he became 45 again, and off to England he went.

He served in Europe until the spring of 1918 when he was injured and shipped home.

I am sure many of your families have similar stories of heroism in the face of danger.

What was war like in 1914, and how does it compare to today?

In 1914, there was a formal declaration of war, and each of the two sides came out into the open to fight.

In 1914, we knew who the enemy were, they wore different uniforms, they spoke differently than we did.

In 1914 the enemy came from without Canada and not within.

In 1914 the country was united, all Canadians and all Canadian institutions fought together as one.

In 1914 millions of soldiers died in horrible unbelievable conditions, and that memory scarred the nation.

But what about today?

What war am I speaking about today in 2022.

Today our entire country, our way of life our future is at stake, just like it was in 1914.

This war was started years ago, with no formal declaration, the enemy looks like us, lives amongst us, and is very patient.

Most of us did not even notice the creeping menace that was attacking us.

They infiltrated our schools, our government, our government agencies, our institutions, even our Police.

They slowly infiltrated our media, our churches, and every aspect of our lives.

In fact this insane genocidal philosophy has spread around the World.

There is no where to retreat to, no safe place, no one and no where in the World is untouched.

They have tried every way imaginable to divide us against ourselves.

They tried using race, colour, creed, religion, language, sex and just about every other method to pit us against each other.

They told us over and over again, how we were not worthy of redemption.

When that did not work, they tried to terrorize us with a series of false global catastrophes.

They started with predicting an ice age, then they went to global warming, holes in the ozone layer, and when that narrative did not work, they came up with the new all encompassing Climate Change Hoax.

I remember in the early 1970’s how they told us we were running out of petroleum and our entire way of life was doomed within a few years.

By the Way we still have plenty of petroleum to this very day, enough to power our way of life for a very long time to come.

Canadians did not buy their never ending prophecies of doom and disaster bent on terrorizing, and turning the population on each other.

So they tried the new latest thing, …… Covid 19.

Mysteriously emanating from a laboratory in China, and with the enthusiastic support of an all too eager, and all too gullible corporate media, they undertook the greatest boondoggle in all history.

They terrorized us, over a so called pandemic that never actually existed.

This time with their corporate cronies in the media, they successfully convinced a majority of people, not just in Canada, but around the World that this was real, and only the government had a solution to the crisis.

To be saved from this fictitious disaster, all you had to do was sign over every aspect of your life to an all knowing all seeing centralized government.

They cancelled Scientific Research, they Censored Opposing Medical Opinions, they Eliminated All Dissenting Speech, and Mandated and Monitored every aspect of every citizen in the country.

They demanded your unquestioning obedience, and that obedience was further empowered by the new multi national corporations that now control every aspect of our lives.

They alienated you, they threatened you, they cut off your ability to earn a living and to live your life according to your own conscience and convictions.

They caused the sad and cruel deaths of thousands of lonely seniors, and disrupted every social system required to sustain a healthy society.

They used hate and hateful speech to try and ferment violence against a very exposed and identifiable group of people in this country.

I remind you of these words:

They 'do not believe in science, who are often misogynists, often racists, too; it is a sect, a small group, but who are taking up space, and here we have to make a choice, as a leader, as a country,' said Trudeau.

So I ask….what choice was the Prime Minister talking about?

He was purposely dehumanizing millions of Canadians, and once dehumanized they could be dealt with by any means, after all they are only taking up space.

Does this sound eerily familiar?

The last time, this happened en mass, an advanced and prosperous people were convinced to hate, isolate and eventually murder their neighbours in the millions.

Do not forget these words.

Where was the investigation into these hate filled words?

I thought hate speech was illegal in this country, but only for a few.

When the truth started to come out, they came up with even more terrifying delusions that they are deliberately and systematically implementing around the World.

They have created an energy crisis, just two years ago there was none

They have created the threat of nuclear war, on two fronts

They have tried to create fear over new pandemics, Monkey Pox and now Polio

They have created an economic crisis, inflation, shortages, highest taxes in history

They are reducing our global production of food, to purposely create shortages and starvation.

They have intruded on every aspect of your life, from what you think, what you feel, how or who you worship, even right down to taking away your parental rights… the name of the state.

They are now monitoring everything you do.

There are cameras on just about every street corner.

They monitor your spending, they are trying to create a global system of electronic currency, that they control.

You have little privacy and choice now, soon you will have none.

This is happening globally.

Many countries in the World are rudderless and helpless to resist.

Our own so called leader is a hapless puppet with no experience, no wisdom, and most of all no love for Canada and its peoples.

Have you ever heard Trudeau express his love for this country, and all of its peoples? Does he lead and inspire you, or does he create division and hate.

Other countries are facing similar or worse situations, with their impotent, senile, ancient leaders or the bewildered fools leading from polls, fear and globalist edicts.

How did this happen?

The reasons are many ranging from a complete indoctrination of our youth, to the compete lack of any type of competent leadership at all levels, complimented by a distracted and apathetic population.

Corruption has never been so rampant, and so obvious.

They tried to break apart the very fabric of our society, and they almost succeeded.

At this moment, we do not know how many lives have been and will be lost to this insane agenda.

With looming nuclear war, the threat of starvation, economic ruin, and the possibility of additional lab leaks, deaths in this war, may be in the billions worldwide.

This global madness cannot be allowed to continue.

Now is the time to say, it has to stop, now is the time to take real action.

With the help of everyone here today and the millions of Canadians who are only now waking up to this stark and terrifying reality, we will win.

We will win back our fundamental rights,

We will win back our God given right to exist, as free people, free to think as we like, free to say what we feel and

We will win back our own personal sovereignty as citizens of Canada.

Some months ago, we started a movement with five people who felt that something was wrong.

We prepared a data based report, which proved the fraud that had been perpetrated on the people of Canada, by its very own Government.

Humbly we submitted our work to the Police services in Manitoba and asked these institutions of the people, these institutions that exist for the sole purpose of protecting the public, we asked them to carry out an investigation.

But the corruption that had touched all other aspects of our society had not spared the Police services.

To date no such investigation has been initiated, no arrests have been made, no trials are underway.

Funny how our national police force, has already launched an investigation into someone who had the temerity to utter words towards one of the ruling class. Words!

When we prepared the report, what we had not realized was that hundreds of thousands of people throughout Canada would seek out copies of the report, and start distributing it across the nation.

This movement organically started to grow and spread from coast to coast.

Every Member of Parliament, every Member of the Senate, and every Police service in the country has been served with copies of the report, not just once, but hundreds of times.

Not just by email, but by post, by registered mail, delivered by hand, and delivered by courier, copies of the reports are being dropped off with medical professionals, schools, churches, businesses and every institution in Canada.

The report has been downloaded and copied approximately 250,000 times, and copies have and are being sent to every institution in every province and territory in Canada.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been mobilized in this effort.

The numbers are growing each day.

The country, now wakening from a restless sleep, faces the terrifying reality of the living nightmare, that has engulfed us all.

The citizens of this country are demanding action, and the level of anger and frustration is mounting.

So that brings us to today, right now, here in front of the RCMP Headquarters in Manitoba.

We are here today to demand that the RCMP fulfill their function as the national police service of Canada, and accept the investigative report, from the assembled citizens.

The RCMP must undertake a fair, transparent and independent investigation, and to make the findings of that investigation known, without redaction or political interference.

We are giving this once proud institution a chance to redeem itself in the eyes of the only people who matter, the citizens of Canada.

Not the tin plated dictators in Ottawa.

This gathering is only the first of thousands of gatherings that are now being planned nationwide.

This historic gathering, here in Winnipeg the Centre of Canada, will act as a catalyst and similar events will spread out across our country in thousands of communities, large and small, and these gatherings will wake up those Canadians who are still asleep.

Now it is up to the RCMP.

We gave the RCMP full disclosure, weeks in advance that we were coming and what we were asking for.

It is up to the RCMP, to turn this situation around and redeem themselves to our community.

We are your neighbours, your brothers and sisters, and yes we are your children and grandchildren, we are all watching you.

The eyes of the nation are watching.

The long term fate of the RCMP as a Canadian Iconic Institution is being decided now, by your actions or inactions.

Make no mistake, what we are now going through, is in fact not a revolution by a fringe minority.

Look around you, what do you see?

I see people who love this nation, and who are pausing to wait for you to catch up and be a part of the resurrection of truth and justice.

What we are seeing in Canada is the evolution from a failing society and the awakening of a new national consciousness.

Revolutions can fail, but evolution is a non stoppable force.

If you do not become part of this righteous evolution, you will forever be cast aside, and relegated to a small footnote in the new history that is now being written.

It is up to you.

This is not an easy path, but it is the right path, the path that leads forward to a free, and just Nation.

This is your opportunity to join with us and together, we can lead the way for the World.

CANADA: This precious land to which our ancestors fled and settled for the express purpose of living in freedom, to speak, work, grow, love, live and give; our dear Canada, from far and wide, we will stand on guard for Thee.

Thank you everyone, god bless you all, and god bless our beloved Canada!


Transcript of Ken Drysdale's Closing Prayer to the Gathering

September 3, 2022, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Prayer is on Video at Time Stamp: 01:21:11

Symbols, Light, and Truth

The RCMP, as an organization, is simply a symbol of a corrupt system, that has been blinded by bureaucracy and politics.

This symbol is only given power by the Canadian people.

We the People are what gives it any significance.

Serving the RCMP with the Investigative Report on its own has no meaning.

However, when enough people, serve the Investigative Report to the RCMP everything can change.

All of the actions taken this day will define, for the Canadian People, a way forward, and a way to bring the crimes of this Government, both past and present, to light.

The light I speak about is the light of TRUTH.

Although one person holding that light can be extinguished in a moment.....

With the right number of people the light will blind the guilty and cleanse our country of the corruption that has drained us of our God given rights and prosperity.

So when you lay down tonight, sleep with the calm of an angel and awaken in the morning ready to take up the light of TRUTH and vanquish the darkness forever.

God Bless You All and God Bless Our Canada, Strong and Free

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