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Photo Journal of the Sept 3 Winnipeg RCMP Gathering

Everyone Arrived at around 1:00 pm Winnipeg Time at 1091 Portage Avenue

Citizens came from everywhere, from the Tall to the Small!


Our heroes in Scarlet Red, watched from overhead

Behind locked doors so full of dread!


A quick video look around Before we started


Start with a prayer for peace and protection: Sarah Klassen


Oh Canada Sung by: Rosalie Drysdale


Opening Address by: Ken Drysdale


No Show RCMP Spokesperson

They were formally invited (in writing) to attend and address the crowd, but I guess we are not as important as Chrystia Freeland, after all her feelings were hurt, although she seemed to be smirking as she calmly entered that elevator. I am not supportive of what was done....but....come on.......

Address by Retired Winnipeg Police Officer: Chris Riddell

Respectful and Supportive of Police....."What Happened to the Police I grew Up With"?


Address by: Tamara Woods of Stand United


Address by Retired Police Officer: James Erskine

James told his story of being fired by the WPS for not getting the Experimental Genetic Shot


Address by Shadow Davis:

Waving at the photo taking RCMP in the second storey window


A Call From: 911

A 911 operator who lost her job for not taking the Genetic Experimental Shot


Closing Prayer by: Ken Drysdale


Presentation of the Investigative Report by Citizens in Front of Locked Doors of RCMP HQ.

Doors were unlocked until we arrived, and then the doors were locked and officers stood in second storey windows, photographing and video taping the event.

I guess a group of citizens peacefully praying and singing were just too scary!

There was hope, and prayers, hugs, and kisses, there were smiles and tears, and ......

No RCMP to Hear!!!!!

What Happened?

No Political Points Here to Make I Guess!



I will be publishing Transcripts of some of the Speeches

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Straight Shooter
Straight Shooter

Oh and why isn't anyone talking about the only COVID facts we need be mentioning and that is that COVID has never ever been isolated or drawn from a man or woman anywhere in the world meaning it doesn't exist never has it was all a lie from the start and we have over 208 FOIA requests to prove it. You can look at


Slavica Vukmanovic
Slavica Vukmanovic

You were great! You all looked great. Canada's pride. The RCMP Canada's shame. It is time to fire them. If we don't speak up about firing RCMP that refuse to do their job according to the rule of law Canadians must react to this by rising in anger to fore them all. The only way we can do this is with direct democracy. What is happening to people? almost 600 people saw this post and I am the only one making a comment? Where is the reaction? Where is the fire. This is why they are treating us this way. I keep talking about direct democracy as an action plan but people don't react or at least comment about it…

Straight Shooter
Straight Shooter

I agree where is the outrage people today are lazy indoctrinated pussies IMO. And that was by design they've bread the man out of men and I see more woman fighting. We need to take better steps because those of us who have grey hair are the majority of the ones fighting because we know history we were taught it in school unlike today when they don't even know what the Holocaust was or is. It's all been taken out of the school curriculum on purpose. Wakeup Canada I think at this pace we'll be walked right into internment camps and people will still be docile. They're are steps we can take for instance did you know a coroner is…

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