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Oh Where Oh Where Can You Find Us

We are doing our part to fight Censorship. I get a stream of emails and messages from concerned partiots, especially since the Youtube Censorship, asking me to make sure that we are replicating our posts, videos etc., on multiple FREE SPEECH platforms.

Well, guess what we got you covered!

We Are Everywhere You Are!

You can Find Us on the Following Social Media Platforms:



Although our YouTube account is not deleted, since YouTube decided to censor us, we will no longer be posting our new materials on that platform. So although, you will be able to see our older posts on YouTube, we will not be posting our our TheTrueFactsC19 posts going forward.


Here are the Specifics:

Rumble: TheTrueFacts


Truth: @thetruefactsc19

Gab: TheTrueFactsc19

Twitter: TheTrueFactsC19

MeWe: kendrysdale

Youtube: @thetruefactsc19

Parler: @KenDrysdale

Facebook: Ken.Drysdale

GTTR: TheTrueFActsC19

Librti: TheTrueFActsC19


Whew.......If I missed one, please let me know!


BTW, please keep in mind the primary source for our information is always on our website:

Our page is actually hosted offshore, so should be safe, at least for now!!


Please support our efforts by Sharing All Of Our Materials

They are copyright free for your use

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