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Part Three of the Interview with Canadians for Truth

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

This is the third of the three part series of the Interview between Joseph Bourgault and Ken Drysdale. In this interview they discuss where Canada is headed and they discuss what ordinary Canadians can do to get Canada back on the right track. These interviews were recorded in the Canadians for Truth studio in Calgary, Alberta, December 2022!

Click on the image above to watch the third and final instalment of this Interview on the Canadians for Truth website.

If you wish to watch all three interviews you may visit the Canadians for Truth Website at:

This is a JAM PACKED interview that you do not want to miss.

Some of the topics discussed in this episode include:

  • The longterm affects of the measures forced upon Canadians by the Government of Canada, and what the long and short terms affects might be,

  • The Canadian Influenza Pandemic Plan for the Health Sector 2006, and a review of the Canadian Government messaging,

  • Find out about how to "read the signs" concerning where we are in the fight for freedom and justice. What are some of the key factors to winning the fight,

  • Canadians must educate themselves and understand the science, It is not difficult to read and understand what has happened. The Truth is out there, but you cannot find it on the Legacy Media,

  • Amnesty,

  • Crime and Punishment,

  • Trolls - How to Spot Trolls or Bot Posts,

  • Organized Crime, Justice Needs to be Delivered to All Levels,

  • How to prevent this from coming back,

  • Justice is not vengeance and it is not retribution,

  • History, Civics need to be taught in schools,

  • Climate Change, Population Control, and Honest Fair Investigations,

  • Forgiveness and Justice,

  • What needs to be done now,

  • A discussion of Institutional Corruption, and Moot Ruling,

  • Civilian Oversight on Court Rulings, Judicial Error, and Political Interference,

  • Independence of Civil Overview on All Institutions,

  • CBC and Tentacles of Government Money and Influence,

  • Political Parties and Corruption, within the party,

  • Optimistic Vision of the Future,

  • Discussion of Blog posts

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