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Premiere Of Our New Weekly Webcast

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

So many of you have been asking for me to create a simple to follow, series of webcasts to explain, in plain language, the findings of the Investigative Report.

Well your wish is my command, and I am presenting to you the First Episode of our detailed webcast series titled "What That Means Is".




A new Episode will be published every week on Monday at 7:00 am Central Time!

Episode One is hosted by Rosalie Drysdale & Chris Riddell

Some Screen Captures from this Episode:

This is the first in a multi part weekly Webcast which does a deep dive into the Investigative Report. Each week we will present a new instalment in the multi part series of videos.

Each video will be between 15 and 20 minutes long, and will explain the key elements of the 89 page report in simple to understand language, as brought to you by a variety of hosts and guest speakers.

There will be guest speakers, and the author of the report will join the hosts to dive even deeper into the information, and present you with new facts not contained in the original report.

These series of videos are crucial to your understanding of what happened, according to the actual statistics as published by Statistics Canada.

You do not want to miss a single episode!!

This series of webcasts will be a valuable resource for you and your family, you can refer to it again and again.

We welcome your feed back and comments.

You can download your free copy of the report from:


We want to make this Webcast the best that we can, and we welcome your constructive advice on ways to improve it. Each week we will enhance the Webcast based on your comments.

Feel free to copy and distribute this video as widely as possible.

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17 de out. de 2022

With regards to “The Constitution of Canada” book, suggestion as to where to get it? This was not mentioned. Thanks

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